Your Brand Says it All!

Do you know people that talk a lot, say they are going to do things, and never show up? Friends that say, “Let’s meet for coffee,” over and over again for years and crickets appear?

What is your personal brand saying about you? Are you all talk, and no go? Are you full of empty promises? Or do you feel you just need to say things to feel good about yourself? Maybe you’re all of the above.

When you are a business owner, branding is key. So is consistency. The branding I am talking about isn’t about your logo or graphics (although they are important). The branding I am talking about is what you are saying and how you’re backing that up. That is branding.

Shiny Objects

You can have every tool in the box available to make you look professional, but if your integrity is lacking, nothing and I mean nothing is going to help you.

Our businesses and lives are multifaceted, but there still seems to be that shiny flashy object syndrome that still tantalizes us to the nth degree. Ask yourself why is that? Is this fear rearing its ugly head and telling you to grab everything, so you don’t miss out on anything? Or have we all become yes people in a society where yes actually means nothing?

When living like this, we are out of alignment and attract all sorts of shit into our lives. Then complain that we are spiritually depleted. Is it any wonder that we then suffer from low confidence, overwhelm, exhaustion and so much more?

What is the point of living like this? Do you seriously want to be known as the person that always says yes but never follows through? Do you want to be known as the person who blames everyone else for their lack of commitment?

We have all made mistakes and missed an appointment. Here is what you can do when that happens:

  1. Admit it and call the person. I view mistakes as opportunities to learn, grow, and possibly do-over. Speak up and take responsibility. Be okay with how the other person responds, just know you are cleaning up your end of things.
  2. Change your language. Instead of saying yes, say, “let me look at my calendar and I will get back to you in X amount of days.” Make sure you stick to that follow up. Set a reminder in your calendar.
  3. Really know when to say yes and know when to say no. (I know this is getting redundant, but it’s so important.) If an opportunity sounds right for but it’s just not the right time say, “No I cannot right now at this time. However, next time around please reach out.” Even if you cannot be fully present you can always offer support. The person will remember you and you’ll still be in control of your schedule.

Our personal brand lasts, especially that first impression. People do not forget when we drop things and then do not speak up afterwards. It really has tainted and lasting effects. I don’t know anyone who wants this.

Be true to you and use your voice, authentically and transparently, you never know when someone else needs to hear it.

Be Heard, Be Bold, Be You!

Peace & love,