Hello, I’m

Kim B. Smith

I teach women to speak and communicate effectively on any stage of their life.


Hello, I’m

Kim B. Smith

I teach women to speak and communicate effectively on any stage of their life.

My Specialties

You’re smart. You’re damn good at your job. You know exactly what you want to say…but sometimes it doesn’t come out right.

Lucky for you, I’ve spent many years of my life learning the most effective ways for women to be heard. So often we shy away from the spotlight, afraid our voices are too quiet. Too shrill. Or that we’ll be judged for simply existing as a woman. I say screw that. We are powerful and with a little bit of coaching, I can teach you how to engage a packed room of people or even just captivate a single person. Speaking confidently is all about taking up space and knowing you deserve to be there.



As a former internet radio host, I know how to talk to people in a way that catches their attention. I’m an accomplished speaker, author, and event emcee and look for opportunities to share these skills with audiences of badass women.



Throw the term coach out the window. I want to help you see how important your thoughts and words are and help you find effective ways to share them with the people around you. Really, I’m your #1 cheerleader. Your cheerleader who just so happens to be an excellent speaking coach!


About Me

Hi there! I’m Kim Boudreau Smith.

For years, I have been serving women, just like you, who are seeking help with enhancing their voices. Whether it be in your business, the conference room, to gain confidence, or stop leaving opportunities on the table, whatever your reason, I’m the lady to help you do it. You can present better, speak with confidence, and deliver a clear message in a way that shows you’re the boss lady.

Her Bold Voice is a powerful journey into the art of Public speaking. Kim is insightful and thought-provoking through her curriculum and coaching. She makes a somewhat scary concept easy and effortless by providing practical tools and guidance. Her Bold Voice has inspired me to find new ways of speaking, finding my voice and presenting myself on a professional and personal level.

– Jessica V.





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