Supporting High Achieving, Ambitious Women to Tame their Inner Critic, Heighten their Confidence, and Overcome Imposter Syndrome.

Whether I’m working directly with a woman leader or supporting her through her organization, through my coaching and training, women reclaim their bold voice and make more impact whenever they open their mouths to speak.


About Kim

Hello and welcome!

Hi, I’m Kim Boudreau Smith. I’m a Leadership, Communication, and Business Coach who works with high-achieving, ambitious female leaders and entrepreneurs who feel overwhelmed by their competing priorities, lack confidence in their communication, and crave greater visibility opportunities for themselves.

I have supported women in organizations including Meijer, Ford, and General Motors, and I have been a speaking coach for the Great Lakes Women’s Business Council and supported women in a variety of corporations and small businesses.

My clients come to me because they know their invisibility is holding them back from achieving their next level of success. Through our work together, I help them tame their inner critics so they can heighten their confidence and overcome imposter syndrome. I show them how to reclaim their bold voices so they can communicate boldly and connect deeply with their audiences, whether they are speaking on stage, in board rooms, negotiating with clients, or speaking up for themselves and their ideas in high-stakes conversations.

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