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Find Your Bold, Confident Voice and Grow Your Visibility Through Speaking

If becoming a paid, professional speaker is part of your business growth plan (as it should be!), I’m here to help you find your voice, refine your speaking and presentation skills, and learn how to captivate your audience from the first moment you step on stage.

Whether you are a coach, consultant, newbie entrepreneur, or seasoned business professional, I can help you turn your subject matter expertise into a profitable speaker platform.

Her Bold Voice will help you:

  • Feel more confident in what you say
  • Overcoming imposter-related feelings
  • Refine your presentation skills
  • Learn how to carry yourself on stage
  • Grow your visibility
  • Keep from freezing up
  • Gain more organic leads
  • Create impressive speaking content & move your audience to take action


Ready to step on stage with more confidence and ease?! Let’s do this!



I hired Kim’s coaching services because I was not confident in public speaking, leveraging my voice and leaning into conversations professionally and personally. Working with Kim has taught me to amplify my authentic voice and tap into the essence of my heart and truths when expressing myself and sharing my story. No more playing it safe with my voice, instead being intentional and courageously bold with my message. I have strengthened my leadership skills, speaking abilities to be heard, seen, and transform conversations at the table on the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace and it contributed to my career advancement. Surrender to Kim’s holistic approach of coaching and Trust the Process and Get Out of Your Own Way!

– Keiyania M.


Whether they are selling products, programs, or other services, too many women are following an inherently masculine model of selling.

As a result, they flip flop between being in their heads, judging and second-guessing themselves, or they are hyper-focused on their words, trying to control others in their desire to move them to action. After 25+ years in a variety of sales roles, Kim Boudreau Smith understands this awkward dance well – and she’s made it her mission to help professional women and entrepreneurs (re)discover their feminine sales power so they can show up as their authentic selves and close more darn sales.

In this presentation, audience members will learn how to:

  • Release outdated programming around how to sell to clear space for a more authentic, intuition-based approach to sales conversations
  • Shift from being in their heads to being in their bodies so they can access their feminine communication power
  • Ask questions from a place of curiosity and demonstrate to prospective clients that they understand their pain points and personal motivators
  • Clean up their energy going into a sales conversation so they are focused on service rather than self-judgment

“Kim was referred to me by a coworker after discussing the struggles of controlling thoughts racing through my mind while presenting to customers or coworkers. Kim helped me center that energy and brought my confidence front and center again. With all of the struggle’s women have in 2020, confidence should not be one.”

– Cheryl Garlan

Cherly testimonial

Go From Corporate Burnout to Unapologetically Powerful

Are you an emerging leader, senior leader or sales professional?


If you’ve been:

  • Getting bypassed for promotions
  • Feeling choked down
  • Struggling to ask for a raise
  • Apologizing way too much
  • Trying to fit into a box
  • Hiding your authentic self
  • Lacking genuine connections
  • Panicking over high stakes conversations
  • Believing your ideas aren’t worth sharing
  • Worried about not sounding professional enough

I will help you:

  • Ask for what you’re worth
  • Negotiate like a boss
  • Stand tall in your bold voice
  • Speak your vulnerability
  • Show up unapologetically
  • Plow through discomfort
  • Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling
  • Take up space with your voice
  • Enhance your executive presence-in meeting, on stage and in conversations
  • Convey strong messages for those high-stakes conversations

Whether you work for yourself or you’re a leader in the corporate world, I’m here to teach you how to finally quit playing it small, my friend.

I’m here to help you learn how to show up in your life—both personally and professionally—with the confidence, grace, and authenticity you’ve always wanted.

Let’s begin!

“Kim’s presentation was powerful and inspiring. I experienced a major shift that propelled me forward in my business in major ways. Her message is timely, and her presences is captivating and engaging.”

– Terina Maldonado

Public Speaker, Life Coach, Author

Whether you decide to jump into the speaking program or commit to business coaching, here are some more ways I can help you unlock your innate greatness and achieve the professional success you’ve always wished for.

I will help you:

  • Quite the inner critic
  • Rewrite limiting beliefs
  • Better manage discomfort
  • Become an excellent communicator
  • Strengthen your impromptu speaking skills
  • Craft a strong professional introduction
  • Create your visibility game plan
  • Grow your audience and prospects
  • Navigate strategic partnerships
  • Create speaking and sales content
  • Land coveted speaking opportunities
  • Learn how to perform at 100% every time
  • Design powerful CTAs (calls to action)
  • Conquer sales calls in your bold voice
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