Coaching & Facilitation

Six Month 1:1 Leadership & Communication Coaching

Her Bold Voice Coaching is a high-level, six-month, one-on-one program for female entrepreneurs, business leaders, and executives who want to develop their speaking confidence, level up their presence, and increase their profitability. 

Whether you are an experienced, service-based entrepreneur who has done the work to establish a loyal client base and now you’re ready to increase your visibility, silence nagging self-doubt, and enhance your speaking and sales skills to close more dream clients.



As an established business leader, you worry that you cannot draw (or hold) the spotlight in important meetings. And you’re ready to stop worrying about other people’s opinions of you, as well as the fear of what happens if you don’t “say the right thing.” And you’re ready to start prioritizing speaking up (even when emotions are rumbling) so you can accelerate your impact and leadership.


Then… you may be the perfect fit for Her Bold Voice Coaching.


Overcome that nasty inner critic, minimize the demanding need of imposter syndrome, unapologetically and imperfectly, you will never second guess yourself again, release limiting beliefs, and opportunities will be won in high-stakes conversations, sales, career promotions, speaking, presenting, and more! Taking your Leadership to the next multiple levels.

During our six months together, I will help you:

  • Strengthen your Confidence in Every Room you Enter
  • Quite & Manage the Inner Critic, so Your Authenticity Shines
  • Overcome Imposter-Related Feelings
  • Enhance Your Executive Communication & Presence for Every High-Stake Conversation
  • Shatter Your Own Glass Ceiling & Limiting Beliefs
  • Reclaim Your Authentic Voice & Go For the Ask
  • Become Comfortable with the Uncomfortable Feelings
  • Shape Strong Habits to Sustain Your Leadership
  • Develop a “Yes And” attitude & play nicely with feelings that arise when presenting ideas and navigating uncomfortable conversations.

I hired Kim’s coaching services because I was not confident in public speaking, leveraging my voice and leaning into conversations professionally and personally. Working with Kim has taught me to amplify my authentic voice and tap into the essence of my heart and truths when expressing myself and sharing my story. No more playing it safe with my voice, instead being intentional and courageously bold with my message. I have strengthened my leadership skills, speaking abilities to be heard, seen, and transform conversations at the table on the importance of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace and it contributed to my career advancement. Surrender to Kim’s holistic approach of coaching and Trust the Process and Get Out of Your Own Way!

– Keiyania M.

Boldy Present in 90-Days

VIP Intensive

Do you feel the onslaught of nerves before a presentation and hear the persistent voice of self-doubt?

Do you struggle to organize your thoughts around a topic and come up with a call to action that gets results?

Have you walked away from presentations empty-handed and felt crushing waves of defeat?

This three-month, one-on-one coaching program will enable you to clarify your ideas around a topic, envision the presentation format that will make your subject matter sing, and craft a call to action that will fill your email inbox with the opportunities you deserve. 

During our time together, I will help you to:

  • Deliver a clear, concise, and engaging presentation
  • Navigate the emotions and sensations that arise when you take the stage
  • Remove “filler” language and speak with ease and confidence
  • Develop a bold stage presence
  • Add stories and humor into your presentation so you can connect with audiences authentically

“Working with Kim was transformational! She took a process that can be uncomfortable and made it fun and engaging. Kim covered all the necessary aspects of being a good speaker in a hands-on way which made me feel extremely prepared for my speaking engagement. Kim also worked with me on taming imposter syndrome and boosting my confidence, an integral part of being a great speaker. I would recommend Kim to any individual or team that wants to find their bold voice!!”

– Therese


Bold Voice Breakthrough
½ Day VIP

“I hired Kim because I was looking for a business and speech coach who would help me transition from speaking solely on the history of hats into a keynote speaker about the various hats that we all wear as we navigate life’s challenges. My experience with Kim was excellent! Kim has an instinctive way of knowing what to ask and say to get me back in the flow towards my goal. She is great at steering a person in how to incorporate the tools learned and provides effective examples. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants to develop and advance in their business. I now have a keynote message, and in less than two weeks of my last coaching session, I have two prospective opportunities!”

– Linda Hannah


Step Into Your Moxie® Speak Up and Influence Training

In Step into Your Moxie® Speak Up and Influence, participants will strengthen their inner and outer voices to speak up for themselves and the ideas and issues that matter most to your company.

Through a mix of coaching, training, role play, and small and full group conversation, participants will develop the mindset, skill set, and habits to boost their communication confidence so they can speak with power and impact and move people to take action whenever they speak.

Step Into Your Moxie Speak Up, and Influence is a Two-Day or Eight-Week Experience.

By the end of this experience, participants will be able to:

  • Reframe diminishing self-talk so that it supports rather than undermines communication confidence
  • Harness a “Yes And” attitude and play nicely with feelings that come up when presenting ideas and navigating uncomfortable situations
  • Minimize vocalized thinking and amplify speaking presence to increase credibility, likeability, and trust
  • Call people to take action on ideas in low and high-stakes speaking situations (i.e., team meetings, project pitches, or presentations)
  • Address common pain points and personal motivators that get in the way of people taking action
  • Tell stories that create connection, discovery, and buy-in for those listening.
  • Articulate their value and go after visibility opportunities that position them/your company as thought leaders
  • Identify and begin to address potential team/company barriers to communication success.
  • Set and rearticulate boundaries to strengthen individual and team wellbeing
  • Possess the words to take responsibility for mistakes and repair harm when it’s caused
  • Live and lead into a legacy that aligns with their values.

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