Kim Boudreau Smith excels at supporting women leaders to uncover their leadership path and use their bold voice to propel them to the next level of success. Whether in a group experience or in one-on-one coaching, Kim shows emerging executive women leaders how to get to the heart of what they want to say and conquer the fear that keeps them from presenting as their authentic selves.

With grit, gumption, and heaps of good-natured sass, Kim is the trusted advisor that organizations and their women know they can count on to be in their corner as they assume their leadership potential. Kim truly sees her clients and is an advocate for those who’ve experienced marginalization.

Six Month 1:1 Leadership & Communication Coaching

Her Bold Voice Coaching is a high-level, six-month, one-on-one program for female entrepreneurs, business leaders, and executives who want to develop their speaking confidence, level up their presence, and increase their profitability.

Whether you are:

An experienced, service-based entrepreneur who has done the work to establish a loyal client base, who is ready to increase your visibility, silence nagging self-doubt, and enhance your speaking and sales skills to close more dream clients 


An established business leader who worries that you cannot draw (or hold) the spotlight in important meetings and is ready to stop worrying about other people’s opinions of you, as well as the fear of what happens if you don’t say “the right thing.” You want to prioritize speaking up (even when emotions are rumbling) so you can accelerate your impact and leadership.

Then… you may be the perfect fit for Her Bold Voice Coaching.

Overcome that nasty inner critic, minimize the demanding need for imposter syndrome, release limiting beliefs, and never second guess yourself again. Take your leadership to the next level and uncover wins in high-stakes conversations, sales, promotions, presenting, and more.

During our six months together, I will help you:

  • Strengthen your confidence in every room you enter
  • Quiet your Inner Critic so that your authenticity shines
  • Enhance your executive communications and presence for every high-stakes conversation
  • Shatter your own glass ceiling and overcome limiting beliefs
  • Reclaim your authentic voice and go after what you want
  • Become comfortable with the uncomfortable feelings that arise while presenting or during difficult conversations
  • Shape strong habits to sustain your leadership and well-being

“I hired Kim to help me with public speaking, leveraging my voice, and leaning into professional and personal conversations. Working with Kim taught me to amplify my authentic voice and tap into the essence of my heart and truth when sharing my story. I no longer play it safe with my voice—instead, I am intentional and courageous with my message. I have strengthened my leadership skills and speaking ability around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace and it has contributed to my career advancement. Kim’s holistic approach taught me to trust the process and get out of my own way!”

– Keiyania M.
MEMA Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association

Boldy Present in 90-Days

VIP Intensive

Do you feel the onslaught of nerves before a presentation and hear the persistent voice of self-doubt?

Do you struggle to organize your thoughts around a topic and come up with a call to action that gets results?

Have you walked away from presentations empty-handed and felt crushing waves of defeat?

This three-month, one-on-one coaching program will enable you to clarify your ideas around a topic, envision the presentation format that will make your subject matter sing, and craft a call to action that will fill your email inbox with the opportunities you deserve.

During our time together, I will help you to:

  • Deliver a clear, concise, and engaging presentation
  • Navigate the emotions and sensations that arise when you take the stage
  • Remove “filler” language and speak with ease and confidence
  • Develop a bold stage presence
  • Add stories and humor into your presentation so you can connect with audiences authentically

“Working with Kim was transformational! She took a process that can be uncomfortable and made it fun and engaging. Kim covered all the necessary aspects of being a good speaker in a hands-on way which made me feel extremely prepared for my speaking engagement. Kim also worked with me on taming imposter syndrome and boosting my confidence, an integral part of being a great speaker. I would recommend Kim to any individual or team that wants to find their bold voice!!”

– Therese
VP of Operations/Performance Analyst


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