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Kim Boudreau Smith is passionate about helping women find (and use!) their bold voices. A born entrepreneur with 25 years as a leader in corporate America, Kim rocks at showing female entrepreneurs and high-performing professional women how to develop their speaking confidence, level up their presence, and increase their profitability. Kim’s raw, slightly rebellious, and always riveting speaking style makes her a go-to speaker for women’s business and professional conferences, associations, employee resource groups, and podcasts. Prior to launching her career as a professional speaker and speaking coach, Kim was the head of a radio station and for 25+ years ran a thriving fitness business. Kim is also the co-author of several Amazon bestselling books.


Tame Your Inner Critic; Liberate Your Authentic Voice

Whether they are experienced business leaders, emerging leaders, or entrepreneurs, many women fear other people’s opinions and “not getting it right” when they speak, which keeps them paralyzed and constantly second-guessing themselves. Kim is a master at showing women how to turn down the volume on their inner critic (or, as she calls it, “Hag in the Attic”), so they can accelerate their impact and leadership.

In this presentation, audience members will learn how to:

  • Confront imposter syndrome by changing their self-talk from critical to compassionate
  • Release perfectionism by shifting from a fixed to a growth mindset
  • Detach from other people’s opinions and pursue visibility opportunities where they can authentically shine
  • Remove the “could-haves, should-haves, and would-haves” from their vocabulary and replace it with bold and confident (empowering) language

Harness Your Feminine Leadership Power

Too many women struggle with one thing when it comes to leadership: confidence. As a result, they second-guess themselves, or feel the pangs of imposter syndrome as they attempt to control their staff and colleagues and move them to take action. After 25+ years in a variety of leadership roles, Kim has made it her mission to help women leaders (re)discover their feminine power so they can lead as their authentic selves.

In this presentation, audience members will learn how to:

  • Identify and clear limiting beliefs that are getting in their way of their leadership
  • Shift from being in their heads to being in their bodies so they can access their feminine communication power
  • Embrace their authentic leadership style
  • Speak boldly as they use clear communication, adopt powerful body language, and tell vulnerable stories

See Kim In Action

“I had the privilege of hearing Kim speak at a retreat I attended. Kim is a dynamic speaker, and she did a beautiful job sharing her story, which was filled with compassion, lots of love, and laughter. I instantly felt connected to her. I could easily relate to what she shared and she stirred so many emotions in me. I left with a new sense of direction and the motivation I needed to take bold action.”

– Darlene Hawley,

Online Business Coach,


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Kim is the perfect fit for podcasts that serve women entrepreneurs or women looking to speak with their bold voices in corporate America.

Here’s a sample of questions that could be asked:

  • How can women leaders and entrepreneurs identify what limiting beliefs get in the way of using their bold voices to grow their careers and businesses?
  • What lessons have you learned during your 20+ year career in corporate America that you incorporate into your work supporting women to use their bold voices?
  • Can you describe your journey to supporting female leaders as a professional speaker and leadership and business coach?
  • How can women leaders confront imposter syndrome by changing their self-talk from critical to compassionate?
  • What tools can women business owners use to connect with ideal clients through speaking and enroll them into their business offerings?
  • How can women use clear communication, adopt powerful body language, and tell vulnerable stories to promote their careers and businesses?



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“Kim’s presentation was powerful and inspiring. I experienced a major shift that propelled me forward in my business in major ways. Her message is timely, and her presences is captivating and engaging.”

– Terina Maldonado

Public Speaker, Life Coach, Author

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