3 Ways to Stand Behind Your Yes

I realize that I have blogged about us becoming yes people previously.  It has become an epidemic as far as I am concerned, so many people saying yes and then dropping commitments. So how can we change that? I want to let you in on a secret, 3 ways that are guaranteed to help you stand behind your yes.

Yes to Yourself

Saying yes too much in your business life will means you’ll have to say no a lot in your personal life. Saying yes to everything that crosses your path can lead to fatigue and burnout. You can’t expect to have adequate self-care unless you say yes to yourself first. This is not being selfish, it is becoming self-fulfilled, so you can serve yourself and in turn serve others.

It really is that simple. So then why do we lack self-care so much in society? We have a voice and numerous ways to communicate with each other. So why are we falling short? It’s time to change.

Here are three simple ways to stand behind your commitments:

  1. Before saying yes to one more thing CHECK YOUR CALENDER! Really? If you don’t plan your workday hour by hour, then start now.
  2. Know your why! Know what’s really important to you in life. If you are running after everything that comes across your trail, how can you possibly show up?
  3. If you are saying yes just to be nice, you’ll end up in a whole lot of trouble! You can’t please everyone. It’s better to be honest and say no to some people rather than say yes to everyone and end up letting people down. That’s how contacts and friendships are lost.


Saying yes to everyone doesn’t make you a good person—it makes you selfish! I know I am a bit harsh here, but it’s the truth. When you say yes without considering whether you can stand behind that commitment you are not thinking of anyone but yourself.

You have a voice, use it wisely.  Don’t let one 3 letter word ruin your reputation.

Yes, life can get in the way sometimes but use your voice to rectify the situation. Make small changes daily. Look at your to-do list and be honest with the next person who asks you to commit.

Our voice is miraculous, it can either harm or heal, so you choose. What road do you want to go down?

Peace & Love,