Monday is a beginning of a new week and so much seems to come with that day. A day, a new week, a fresh start in work. It often involves stress and overwhelm with juggling morning routines and perhaps getting the kids ready for school. Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, HA!

Well, we had just gotten back from a four-day break in the sun with friends down in Florida. Currently, I forget what it is like to walk outside without a 30-minute prep of layering clothes. (Seriously, a workout in itself.)

Well, this particular Monday brought snow after a weekend of Michigan experiencing spring-like temperatures. Oh yes, after all our snow eventually melted…we got even more! (Well what can I say; it is winter, after all.)

It’s Gone to Sh*t

I was looking forward to doing the usual stuff on Monday after being out of the office: laundry, answering emails, checking the mail, and planning my other weekly activities. Well, all that flew out the door.

My dogs needed their food from the basement where we keep a small freezer, back in the storage area. Little did I know what would flip my day to sh*t and back. Sewage…backed up. Yes indeed. It was full of sh*t, literally!

Talk about the unplanned and unforeseen obstacles of life! It threw me into a tailspin. A crazed out tailspin full of nothing but sh*t!

Let Go

Well, there went my schedule, so I decided to do just do this:

I continued with a conversation I was having and brought it to an end.

I had a conversation with myself. I told myself to let go of the emails, let go of phone calls, and let go of the guilt of stepping out of my office to handle this. If I didn’t do this that damn hag would have had a sh*t dance with the day and me. Trust me – she tried several times. I wasn’t having it this time.

Needless to say, all is well. I cleaned and disinfected multiple times, but I felt drained, like a rug being torn up underneath me.

I did a bit of release to a friend and all I heard was just start, just begin in reference to what I felt was a lost day. I sat for a moment or two, breathed, listened, felt, and I knew I really needed self-care.

First, nourishment for dinner meant going to the grocery store. Second in my mind was sitting down and grabbing my phone to begin my first live Instagram story. Third was closing shop for the day. All this allowed me to prep a simple dinner, have a long hot shower, give my girls some attention, and watch a mindless TV show. It did the trick for the day.


I work with women who want higher levels of peace in their lives without any sacrificing, and I was faced with just that yesterday.

I do not promote peace within chaos, OR sacrificing ANYTHING to have it all! What I do coach on is peace within yourself and life. However, negotiating does the trick to having it all, in a matter of speaking. And I did just that: I started something new, answered a few things, took care of my home (after a bit of a meltdown), and then I practiced self-care that included my family.

My sleep was restful, my stress was reduced, and I felt a lot better. So I found peace in the midst of sh*t yesterday, and you can too!

Peace Baby!