Yes, but And

I was having coffee the other day with a new connection, one that is blossoming and growing. I met this woman at a mastermind that I attend bi-monthly. A woman that is grounded, smart, kind and is serious about her business. She has carved an amazing path as an attorney. (I will share another time.)

Let me back up here, for the last 10 or so years that I have been online, I focused on growing my business, and I did. Well, this past year I have rebranded my business and myself.


I sold a large part of my business, stepped back, and really rediscovered who I am without all the stress and noise that comes with it. I chose to birth a blog and began to discover myself through writing. I chuckle a bit because I am the person who says, “I don’t write!” I have been a bestselling author multiple times with a #1 hit on Amazon, so yes, I chuckle. I feel I achieved somewhat of a balance with my voice through speaking, talking, and writing—and I must say it feels GREAT!

Back to this article. My friend and I were chatting and drinking coffee when she was talking about her husband’s career at General Motors. The philosophy in meetings and the general climate at GM is this:

Yes but…

Replacing ‘yes but’…. with ‘yes and’! Say this out loud now three times. Yes and, yes and, yes and. It feels fluid and less harsh, doesn’t it? More empowering, grounded? I don’t know about you, but that is how I feel.

Here is what takes place when you say ‘yes and’: the excuses fall away, victim or shall I say the damn Hag goes back into the attic to enjoy that margarita, and you’re forced to face your responsibilities. Could this be feminine leadership where we come out of our heads and feel into our bodies? A place where the true desire of life decisions really happens in our hearts.

Yes And!

YES, AND delivers both and negates an either-or mentality. I want a win-together situation, not a dead end. I crave relationships that allow all opinions, that allow people to agree to disagree. I want people to be open to all conversations because if we don’t, we can’t grow and evolve.

As a business owner, I feel that my business needs ‘yes and’. I need multiple streams of growth—not either-or.

I challenge you to change things up a bit and use yes and. Let’s see where this lands you in conversations, speaking on stage, with clients, managers, teams and so on.

If you find that’s it’s changing your business for the better, please get in touch and let me know.

Yes And!

Peace & Love,