We are not machines! So why do we drive our lives as if we are?

Humans like to over schedule and over-pack their lives. Force, go, do and wear the outfit of b-u-s-y. Bodies need sleep, rest, solitude, kindness and great nourishment—our souls need the same. We are not machines, so why do drive our lives like one?

Think of a car, it needs fuel, rest, oil, tune-ups, and must be cleaned inside and out. It is a machine, and it needs care. My car takes higher quality gasoline, and I am on time for maintenance. This is my dream car, a convertible BMW. I own this car, and I chose to take great care of it. This is a privilege.

Our lives, mind, body, and souls are a miraculous gift, so why do we abuse and neglect them?

We are constantly busy, running on empty and stressed to the max. We hide our feelings, hide our voice, and then we explode with sickness, disease, exhaustion, depletion, lack of love, and lack of boundaries. We say there isn’t enough time in the day, but there are 24 hours in each one. We choose how to use them. Do so wisely.

Our cars will break down if we run out of fuel. Our cars will eventually burn-out if we do not replace the oil, check the engine, make sure fluids are clean and topped off. We invest time and money in our cars.

We need the same investment in ourselves. We have been miraculously given this life, so my question to you is this:

How do you want your life to be?

Do you want to be tired, sick, and low in energy? Do you want to drop commitments and constantly have to say you don’t enough time? Do you want to be burned out, anxious, and depressed? You get the picture.

This is lack.

We are not machines; however, we do need regular oil changes, tune-ups, rest, and love to have a positive mindset. Remember that Hag needs direction and boundaries.

Here are a few things to remember:

  1. Take deep breathes, right down to your stomach. This is free, do it.
  2. Water, water, water. Drink up. And please do not say you don’t like water, add flavor to it. Limes, lemons, cucumbers, berries to name a few. Get creative.

Remember, you reap what you sow. Whatever you speak becomes your reality. I call this your personal branding.

Don’t have enough time? Look at what you are saying yes to. Maybe it is time you learned to say no?

We are not machines, we have a soul that needs to rest, refuel, and replenish DAILY! We have a physical body that needs nourishment. We have feelings that need attending to. We have a voice, a message that needs to be heard only when we are taking care of ourselves.

You are too special to be worn out and broken down!

Be You, Be True, Be Heard!

Peace & Love,