“Exhaust the little moment. Soon, it dies.” -Gwendolyn Brooks

The power of NOW. The power of this very moment. You know, the words of Living in the now. The actions of NOW! Your thoughts on NOW!

Do you ever—in a moment—need a kind word or a hug? Do you ever find yourself saying, “I need more time for me, and I am getting a massage in a few days?” How about NOW? ‘In a few days’ may never come. Those now moments come and go so fast especially, when we are focusing on tomorrow instead of now.

Our voice, that Hag in the Attic, is always putting off the now, or is she? I believe she is always in the now, to keep us from what we truly desire. Kindness and love for ourselves, so we can share it with others.


I know, I know, we are busy people with long to-do lists and many obligations in life. But sharing kindness today, sharing the love today, instead of waiting for some date in the distant future, begins with one’s self.

The power of now is life changing. We have so many tools to keep us organized, and yet we live for the distant future worrying and missing out on the true gift that is the present. We have presents all day long. (I love presents, just like Christmas)

Our inner critic loves to misguide us, she has been allowed to for a long time. She has a voice that needs to be heard but under your true management. Not controlled!

Here a few guidelines to tackle this baby:

  1. Begin with yourself! Work on changing your inner voice, that inner Hag. Gratitude is the first and best place to start. Morning and evening gratitude really shifts things into perspective. Write down 3-5 things you are grateful for. This may be a challenge. In the beginning, the Hag may laugh at you, but keep going, practice makes perfect, and it will bring you great joy.
  2. The power of now involves becoming more aware of your now. When I feel things are becoming “out of control” (Ha ha, ha, control) or shall I say when I’m taking on too much and losing perspective on things, I pause and take five deep guttural breaths. This is a great tool to come back into the now.
  3. Your voice is vital here. Our Hag plays on our fears, she keeps us from having deep relationships with ourselves and others. Our vocal voice desires for us to speak up and be heard. Once you’ve dealt with your inner voice, begin to find your bold, vocal voice. Use affirmations and tell yourself, out loud, every morning that you will live for now.


I host a local speaking platform for women only, Her Bold Voice Speaks. This is a platform to support women to step into their voices to become more confident in business and personal areas of their lives. When we quiet ourselves down because we are fearful of speaking up, we leave opportunities on the table. We all have a message to be heard, so say sister, loud and proud!

The Power of NOW!

Peace & Love,