The Power of ASK!

There was a time in my life where I sat in meetings and was afraid to ask, afraid to speak my voice, implement my ideas, my opinions of the matter being discussed and leaving the environment unfulfilled.  In my business, in the beginning, hesitant to ask, close the sale so to speak and this doesn’t just mean asking for dollars. I couldn’t nor didn’t understand that power of asking and voicing my voice.

We need to be confident enough in all situations to ask, speak our voice with power, direction, clarity, and wait………leave out the convoluted emotions.

As women, we have a lot of guilt-ridden estrogen and we love a warm and fuzzy environment, agree? Well in business this doesn’t work, plain and simple. Yes, we need feminine leadership in today’s world.  A lot of things need to happen:

  1. We as women need to speak up. Use our voices without baggage, the hag in the attic baggage. Let go of the fears, stop leaving those opportunities on the table, and step into your confident speaking voice!
  2. Here is what I mean about baggage:
  • Drop the accusing of others, own your shit. Speak in “my opinion” and “I feel we need to try this” are a few ways of starting a sentence, or “How can we…”
  • Let the fear go and breath deep breaths, then voice it. Grab the attitude of you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.
  • Be proud of your ideas, feelings, and wisdom. You offer a lot to any situation.
  1. FIRM AND FACTUAL! Let go of those feelings you may sound like a bitch. Just be firm and stick to the facts, it really works and leads to a win together situation.
  2. Let go of the judgments and name calling of yourself and others. We break ourselves down then, in turn, we do it to others behind their backs and to their face. Listen, ladies, we have not arrived as a collaborative supportive group of women when this continues. Agree to disagree, uplift one another, be supportive of the other person. It isn’t your journey so to speak to claim, it is hers.
  3. We as women really need to become intimate with the second agreement of the Four Agreements: Don’t take anything personally in any situation it isn’t ours to take. This is much easier said than done, trust me it is one that takes a lot of practice and work.

I hear so many confident and even successful women feel like they are lacking in speaking up. In meetings, one on one in relationships and such. This is opportunities left unturned and leads to unfulfilled desires. This robs us of our confidence, harden our hearts, elevates stress and so much more. We let that damn Hag in the Attic control us, take us down and keep us small. ENOUGH!

Your voice is so important. Let me say that one more time, your voice is so truly IMPORTANT! Let it Roar! I like to use this example or analogy, sitting in a class or a group, the rule is no question is stupid. You ask a question and the others are thinking the same thing but are holding back, but relieved that you asked. My point is just this, we never know what is going on with others, so lead and lead with your voice, lead with your confidence, lead with your heart, and most importantly, just speak and ask!

“And no one will listen to us until we listen to ourselves.” ~Marianne Williamson

Be Heard, Be Seen, Be You!

Peace & Love,