No one likes to be a beginner, or do they?

A comment was made to me recently. The person said, “No one likes to be a beginner.” As adults, we often make life-changing decisions when starting a new business. Your stomach will churn, and you’ll shake with nerves, but you’ll keep going because you want to see your dream become a reality.

When you are officially a beginner, and let me tell you it sucks being a beginner. (But are we ever a beginner?)

I am in that mode now, as an adult. There are days when being a beginner doesn’t feel great. It plays on my confidence, and I start comparing myself to others. It becomes a real drain on my energy.

We are beginners…

When we are babies, we learn to crawl. We are beginners, but we don’t know any better. Then we learn to walk, and again, we succeed. We continue to grow and go to school and face challenges like getting our driver’s license. Remember those days?

I am building a new business and let me tell you; it is uncomfortable.

My Hag likes to remind me that I am not an expert in this field. However, are we ever really experts? Doesn’t wisdom, experience and age count for something?

I have launched WomanSpeak in the Detroit area. Think of it like a Toastmasters for Women. A public speaking platform for women, to come work through their nerves, feel safe, authentic, and vulnerable in a room of other women that are waiting to celebrate you. WOW!

I have rebranded and relaunched my coaching business, yes, I am beginning again.

I am networking for the first time in years, I love it, but I am a beginner, yet again.

I am humbled

This has been a real humbling experience for me, coming from owning an internet radio station. So even with all these new starts, am I still a beginner? Or am I just starting a new chapter in the life I have now?

As a society we are obsessed with traction and expertise. This obsession is where our uncomfortable feelings lie in wait. It’s where the Hag waits to strike.

The self-doubt that follows blocks our true flow of life. We start to grind, and everything falls out of alignment. We may make decisions that feed our ego. This, in turn, takes us down paths we never meant to see. It keeps us in the ‘beginner’ stage even longer, and that’s not good.

So how do we begin to fix this? (No pun intended.)

Accepting is a great place to be. Allow yourself the space to be kind and gentle with yourself. Remember, no matter what, you are an adult, not a beginner.

It is your circumstances that are beginning; a new day, a new project, a new client, a whole new chapter in your life. A change in routine does not mean you are a beginner.

Every day is a new beginning

What matters is how we react. Do we allow the Hag to take control or do relish in new opportunities with joy and ease?

I am choosing to welcome my new beginnings; the fresh face of my business, which provides new connections and community. I’m looking forward to the surprises and challenges that lie ahead.

Let the newness of beginning BEGIN! WooHoo!