Love, Period!

I am not religious, nor do I belong to any church. However, I believe in God. I periodically attend Kensington Church, but I do not ‘belong’, so to speak.

My Faith

My faith began last year when I became really pissed off with God, then surrendered. I didn’t like where I was at, and I was tired of relying on others to help. Well, ideology was more like it.

I began by reading devotional books and then ‘looking up the scriptures’ in the Bible. I received this Life Application Bible from a friend in 2000, so I dug it out of the closet. At first, it was a reference to me, teaching me to understand what I just read in my devotional books.

Stumbling on to 1 John, I had no idea what these pages were going to present. LOVE, love, just love, period. It was so overwhelming at first, I had to close my Bible and walk away. 1 John 1:3 God is Love, not Love is God. My heart was swelling out of my chest. LOVE!

There was so much learning about love in one chapter. ‘Everyone believes that love is important, but love is usually thought of like a feeling. In reality, love is a choice and an action’. 1 John 4:7 (The description of the scripture.) God is a source of our love. This goes on

The final question of this explanation is how well do you show love for God in the choices that you make and the actions that you take?


The love must begin with YOU. That is true self-care. That is self-love – unperfected and real.

Then your life will change. You will see life so differently.

Your business will grow; you will have clarity and confidence. You will experience less stress and overwhelm, and your success will be real. You will strengthen your relationships and your clients will happy, referring you so others can seek you out. Your boundaries will be clearer and stronger. Ease, joy, and peace will become your life and business. Who wouldn’t want this?

Your personal relationships will shift, and fluidity, joy, faith, and hope will appear with ease.

To receive all of this you must first fall in Love with YOU. I mean really do it. No talking, boasting or defending because you will not need to. No chasing people. A whole new life of LOVE!

Love, Period!