This morning I was reading from my devotional, A Moment to Breathe (co-authored by Anna Rendell). This day was about true hospitality, and the verse was, ‘Be hospitable to one another without complaining’. 1 Peter 4:9

This made me think, how many times have I gotten so bitchy and crazy in an effort to be hospitable? I had to make everything perfect (ha, ha, ha, that perfect word), plan, time things, so it all came together, and run around like a wild animal – all for a dinner I was hosting. I snap, become bitchy and edgy all for an entertaining meal. Sound familiar?

I don’t know about you, but I feel this is self-abuse and a lack of Love. The Hag runs with it, she sees this opportunity and goes flying. Why? I ask myself why do I do this? Why do you do this?


Anna Rendell, writes, ‘True hospitality is when your guests leave your home feeling better about themselves, not feeling better about you’. Her words hit my soul. I am so worried about my home not being clean or perfect when in reality, everyday life is not perfect.

What happens if someone needed you and your home was the place for a cup of coffee and a listening ear, and you don’t have time to clean to perfection? Maybe there are dishes in the sink, dog hair on the floor and dust on the table…how everyday lived-in home looks. Here is the best part, no one cares!

The best of conversation, time and true connection from the heart happens when you stop worrying about ‘perfection’. We all crave those connections. I know I do.


I want those amazing conversations, messy, imperfect, just like life is. Anna also says if friends don’t feel welcome in our homes, how can they feel welcome in our hearts? How can anyone feel welcome in our hearts when we do not accept ourselves, our beautiful, miraculous messy selves?

Every time we discard a compliment or apologize for our messy home, we add a brick to that ‘perfect’ wall. A wall that keeps out love and prevents us truly welcoming others into our hearts.

Isn’t this lack of love? Lack of connections?

I am truly working on accepting myself with my higher spirit (God) in ordinary moments, where the real magic happens. Real honest to goodness love. The moments that we cannot control, even if we feel everything is all lined up perfectly.

Nothing is perfect, only God’s love for us. Love is a higher power. 

Peace & Love,