All the Hustle and Bustle is over!

Whew, you made it, now what? Let me guess, New Year’s resolutions, oh boy here we go.

Here is one of the many definitions of this:

New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal or otherwise improve their life.

So here is the priceless question: why wait until the New Year?

Don’t you have goals from last year that you still are working on? (by the way, I am not a big goal supporter, I make intentions, it is ever flowing-this will be another blog)

Don’t you have desires and changes that you are still evolving through?

I own a fitness business here in the Detroit area, and every year, yes every year, the gyms and the classes are packed! Being an owner and teaching classes, it is great, however, what happens after three months? Where did you all go? What happened to the fitness goal?

Actually, what happened to any of your goals?

I am not a believer in goals!

Yes, I said this. I am a believer in setting intentions. Realistic intentions. Knowing your lifelong WHY! Not an instant quick fix. This may be redundant. However, this is a journey, not a short sprint.

Here is what I mean. You say, “I am going to lose 30 pounds.” YAY!!! AWESOME! But what happens after the 30 pounds? What happens if there is a snow storm, parties along the way? I have seen so many deplete and deprive themselves over this ‘goal’. Goals can be good, but they can also be self-limiting.

Self-care is a daily human living environment.

Not something because you will do this on Monday morning, or a new year, or because your son or daughter is getting married. I have seen all of this and heard all of this. I’ve watched people become very successful, but when they reach this amazing goal, they fall.

Life is about daily self-care. Not when you have the time, there is time, 24/7/365. No more, no less. Every day self-care is a complete necessity, not when the holidays are over. TODAY, right NOW!

If weight loss is an area you would like to step into, then tell me why. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it to have more energy? Possibly live a longer healthier lifestyle? To be able to romp around with the grandchildren? What are your life intentions? Minimize the aches and pains…WHAT ARE YOUR LIFE LONG INTENTIONS?

Here is why I work out: I have lower back and hip issues. I’m a supporter of the healthy pelvic floor. Balance, strength, and heart health, along with gut health. Making wise choices for the long run, not instant gratification.

Self-care isn’t just about a monthly massage or manicure (even though I support this). Self-care is waking up your internal peace, your internal light. Small packages lead to super big pay-offs. Doing this daily, not because an event is arriving, soon.

Here are some ways, very simple ways to practice self-care: (these are just suggestions)

  • Take a moment or two and enjoy your morning beverage. Sit for a moment and reflect on a quote or scripture.
  • Take 5 deep breaths, consciously
  • Drink a detox drink (tot water and lemon)
  • Read a page or two, maybe more of personal development growth book
  • Go for a walk
  • Laugh, laugh, and laugh!!!
  • Move, move, move!!!
  • Journal/write
  • Meditate (meditation comes in so many forms, find what works for you)
  • Drink one more glass of water TODAY! Have fun with this, add cucumbers or fruit

These are just some doable, small steps to take towards YOURSELF. Think about this, if you feel sludgy inside (like a car that needs an oil change, so to speak) your actions, energy, and your days will be sludgy too. You will still be able to function, but not as your clear, peace-filled sparkling best.

News flash: this is having it all without sacrificing a thing.

It’s about being calm and managing your life, not letting things drop through the cracks. Reduce the stress and overwhelm, which all lead to one frazzled human being open to disease! Take on those unforeseen obstacles without going into a tizzy. Letting anxiety rule you only leads to depression, loneliness, and more disease. Why deplete your spirituality? Why harden your heart?

What for? Seriously, what the hell for? Control? (LOL I am laughing at this) WE DO NOT HAVE CONTROL! (Lose that c-word.)

Okay, enough, I hope you get the picture here. And by the way, yes I have experienced all of the above, and MORE!

Do something today, one small thing for you, and your self-care. Let’s make 2018 the year we turn to love and kindness. Filling your peace-filled self. (No cups here, just humanity, yourself!)

A few items to have on hand:

Make this a daily practice, not just a New Year thing!