Forgiveness, without borders, conditions, or even keeping score. Yep, this isn’t a child’s playground where you say you will forgive and it shows up more like a sugar high from a candy bar.

How do you really, I a mean, really show up in life, like Mother Teresa and forgive. Forgive someone who truly has broken your heart? You know, those feelings of pain: like you are going to vomit, weak at the knees, lack of appetite. Those in-depth feelings of hurt when someone offends you or insults you in some way, shape, or form. HOW DO YOU FORGIVE AND LET GO?

Forgive without Agenda

Forgive without all of your personal baggage; because he/she did this etc. FORGIVE without any agenda! Try it, but first, it takes a lot of personal growth-peace work, DAILY!

Matthew 6:14,15 sites, “If you forgive those who sin against you, your Heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

Hmmmm sounds like God is keeping score? NOT AT ALL!  This is how I view this, here on Earth and spirituality:

When we live in the unforgiving land of regret, hate, spite, and jealousy, we build that fortress around us so thick that it becomes the wall of hell. Our health goes to shit – mentally, physically and definitely spiritually. We walk evil, negativity, lack, disease and what I really mean here is DIS-ease with one’s self. We run from those horrible, painful emotions, so we become hollow on the inside. This is where everything in life goes astray because we are walking that path, we look for all the bad crap. We sell ourselves down the road for money, live in greed and have one hell of an ego to boot!

The Rabbit Hole

We take on a language of this: “Oh I don’t have any luck, things have always been so hard for me, why should I do this, people are just crazy and mean. Blah, blah, blah! That dark, gloomy rabbit hole where we eat, live and breathe is the essence of UNGRATEFULNESS! The only room is left in that hole is darkness, doom, and gloom.

I lived it, to the point of comparing myself to others – lacking passion and zest for life, so I fell asleep while driving. My rabbit hole was sleep to escape dealing with ME! Negativity became my BFF, and there wasn’t any room for gratitude.

Gratitude is the attitude! (Wow just typing that really shifts my whole demeanor.) Try it; pretend you are in school. You have detention and have to write on a board one hundred times, GRATITUDE IS THE ATTITUDE. Feel into how you shift. The peace ignites!
Back to my scripture (and yes it is my scripture because I say Jesus Christ is my rock and roll husband with the long hair). God cannot forgive us for our sins when we do not forgive others because the wall has been built to keep Him out. Think about this…We do not turn to Him, we take all this ‘stuff’ on by ourselves and attract others that do the same. (I hear a pity party here.)

One Step at a Time

Gratitude changed my life, and I begin every day like this: wake up, open eyes, look at the drywall and  say, “Thank You so much for the drywall over my head.”

Begin, one-step at a time to find your way to peace and gratitude…and NOT just around the holidays! Let your heart bask in peace and gratitude every single day! And do not just TRY it, DO IT, as Nike says! Remember that first, you will have to slooooooow way down to feel this. The operative word here is FEEL, not think!

Breathe deeply, three times, and find your gratitude, then your personal peace will awaken within.

Your self-confidence will strengthen, and your worth will be priceless-spiritually. Ease, grace, hope, and faith will be like brushing your teeth in the morning. Life will become peaceful and joyful. Overwhelm, anxiety, and worrying will be reduced. You will compare less, and gain more time. Who the hell wouldn’t want that? WOW!

Eliminate packing that plate, you know, the plate that is so full you cannot even carry it to the table. Yes, that plate. The plate of life that keeps getting fuller, while you move faster than a whirling dervish. That plate of exhaustion will get you nowhere.

Peace awaits you. Now it is up to you and a higher power….

What will it be?

I leave you with this peace of scripture:

Instead be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you. ~ Ephesians 5:32

Peace & Love,