Curious as a Cat! Are you?

Remember that cliché? I heard this a lot when I was younger, and now as an adult, a few things hit home around this one. I am an adult that asks questions, so I am often told that I sound like a curious toddler! (Love it!) But the other cord here is, how would this world look like if we did stay in the mode of “curious like a cat” OR curious like anything else, but just curious.

Curiosity is underrated in our lives.

TOTALLY. And I am so guilty of not staying in the curious. When I leave curious or don’t even enter there, here is what goes down:

Judgement, which has an undertone of self-righteousness. Judgement is making people wrong for where they are at in their lives, and also for wronging them for not being like you. Judgement breeds ignorance, a lack of understanding of someone else in their religious beliefs, political choices, parenting, and so much more. There isn’t a win together situation here, only loss and festering hate.

Resentment just deepens the hate and silences of one’s true voice. Resent supports the judgment and then leads us down the road to blame and shame.

The judgment and resentment just hurt and damages ourselves, destroys relationships, and keeps us further from true humanity.

Last year so many Americans chose to step into all of this over a political election. We live in a country that has freedom of speech and freedom of choice, and we destroy relationships over this. I have never seen anything like this, and frankly, I feel it is ludicrous! (Well actually, a lot more than just ludicrous, but I will spare you.)

I found this Ted Talks Video of these two women who had totally different opinions of our political candidates, and they knew if things didn’t change between them, all of this would destroy their relationship. Caitlin Quattromani and Lauren Arledge share how they moved past the differences of political views and opinions without letting a relationship be destroyed. A must watch, I personally took away so much from this. A lot of humor is involved as well which we all need.

Please take this time to watch this:

What do you take away from these two women? For me, I see the importance of being curious and courageous to open up the conversation. It removes the blame and resentment and allows acceptance and love of another person.

What works for you doesn’t mean it will work for me. However, I want to hear about it, it helps me grow and broaden my views on things. Please do not try to cram your opinions and beliefs down my throat, I am not interested in learning, growing or supporting anyone in that environment.

So how about if we practice, yes practice being curious like a cat, or a dog, or a toddler…or just be curious!