I AM Moving Mountains! (With my bare hands-wowzer!)

Can we really move mountains? Metaphorically, I guess we can! But let’s take a moment to think deeply about this…what does this mean? Well, I take it as doing something huge, over the moon, out of this world huge! Moving mountains, moving mountains in our business, which equates to our lives, in turn making an impact in other people’s lives, right? Am I on to something here? Providing an impact like Mother Teresa, Gandhi, our presidents…and so on.

Well, how about moving mountains for ourselves. Well, you say, isn’t that what I am doing? Building a legacy by moving my mountains? Yes! Of course! However, what about moving our internal personal mountains? Moving them from pain to love.

A book that has left an imprint on me called Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton, says, and I quote: “Our pain is not the poison, the lies about is.” So true (and there is much more to this statement in Glennon’s book). We move mountains for accomplishment but lack the will to move our personal mountain as well. We avoid pain and fake perfection in our lives. We want to move every mountain in our world except our very own. What is up with this? Move mountains personally before moving mountains for others.

Now wait a minute, I am not saying everyone doesn’t do this…

But what I personally experience is usually a lot of chatter-talking that I am this or that and spiritually doing this or that…and blah blah blah! Boring, empty, and a lot of chatter! We want so much for others with a full blown heart or with judgment, but we don’t want the movement of mountains for ourselves. I go in and out of this myself. When I am moving my mountain, it is amazing who and what shows up. I know it takes

I go in and out of this myself. When I am moving my mountain, it is amazing who and what shows up. I know it takes pain to come to love and to be stronger, day-by-day. For me, it can be moment by moment sometimes.

Writing this blog, I am working on my lack button, part of my mountain to move. I feel lack for myself when in fact I have abundance. This abundance is different for 2017. I am re-wiring, sitting with pain to make my love for me stronger. (Self-Love-stay tuned another blog- it isn’t what you think it is!) I am learning to slow down and be still (a huge mountain for me!), and it can be exhausting to step into this. However, if my personal foundation isn’t strong and growing how can I move any other mountain?

We are so conditioned to keep moving…

to keep busy, so the pain doesn’t catch up with us. I see this with so many women and their business, their lifestyle, they want clients, however, they don’t turn inwards to address their own stuff. They want change to happen from partners and others, but they don’t render change for themselves. They desire an amazing brand for their business, but behind the scenes, it is a chaotic mess of a personal brand so to speak….Goodness gracious, no wonder we are a society of overwhelming burnout, adrenal fry-out, and negativity! Oh and don’t forget, stress, freak out, and no time for whatever, which is a fallacy! (Stay tuned for yet another blog on time!)

People, listen up, as much as you want to make a difference in the world… (Yes! Rock on!) Make a continual difference with yourself. Get surrounded with like-minded individuals, hire a consultant, and seek out meditation, yoga and other supportive personal groups of peeps. We are pack animals and need support from others; we need to be around others, AND we need higher powers to guide us and love us unconditionally.


Go move your mountains!