There seems to be a movement of women coming together. Yet I still hear conversation on this topic of we must, so the question I pose here is just this:

If we are still talking about women not supporting other women and we need to all come together, I question how much is this moving in the correct direction? What comes to mind here for me personally, is one of the spiritual laws, the law of attraction. If we, as a society are still talking about other women not supporting women, are we still attracting what we do not want?

It’s Bubbling

I have excitement, and this comes from awareness. We are becoming more aware, and desire is bubbling. I personally feel conversations are happening around women not speaking up and we as a gender need to lean in, speak up, and one of my favs…show up. Show up strong no matter what is going on in our lives.

Stay True

Showing up, means we stay true to our personal commitments. I hear so much talk of commitment, but what I see are no shows and backpedaling. We need to practice saying a important word: no. Know what’s important to you, know what you stand for, and know your calendar.

I know it might seem like I’m jumping the gun here, but bear with me So many of us worry about our professional branding, but what about what stands behind that? Our personal brand. Our businesses can be so beautifully aligned with marketing, graphics, and so much more, but if you are missing commitments, always saying yes, and lacking self-care then what does that say about your personal brand

How can we show up and support others when we are depleted? We can’t.

I have been attacked by women online, I’ve been sent some nasty and accusatory messages. So, are we really stepping up?

Here are my tips to avoid overwhelm so that you will be able to step up and show up:

  • Remove the word competition from your vocabulary
  • Manage that Hag in the Attic. Don’t let her manipulate you into believing that other women are your enemies.
  • Learn to say no to people and opportunities if you genuinely don’t have the time or interest.
  • Say yes to more things that benefit you.
  • Be firm and factual, remove bitchiness and other negative emotions.



I love that we are having conversations about support, but let’s take it to another level. Let’s put those thoughts into action. I’ve had enough of people talking about support, I want to see what they are doing to put supports in place in the real world.

“In our male-centric society, I feel this leads women into a competitive culture with others. This society feeds our insecurities, self-doubt so as we grow up, we learn not to trust other women. However, when women are in a circle of trust, safe, and sacred environment with each other, where judgments can be left behind at the door, we together become powerful and we feed on each other’s high vibrating energy. Then we can freely nurture and guide each other.” This is where the true connecting and collaborating begin, but we must all turn into ourselves, first.

I can point you towards collaborative places where confident badass women hang out. They mean business, but we have a fortress of fun!

The SheHive in Ferndale, Michigan, check this place out. Ursula Adams has a vision, and she means what she portrays. She walks a talk and really wants women to succeed, collaborate, and connect. I am new to the SheHive, and I love it! We all need this.

The Serendipitous Soul owned by Jennifer Raybaud offers courses on how to cultivate a practice for peaceful living. When we are chaotic on the inside, we cannot show up strong in life. Please visit Jennifer and her beautiful soul.

These are just two women that I connect with, collaborate with, and really stand in honor of knowing! These ladies walk their talk, boldly, and authentically, and they support others so they can do the same. Feminine leadership at the finest.

Moving forward, ladies, let’s pull together. Let go of judgment of yourself and others. Accept other women where they are at.

Be kind, especially towards yourself.

I am off to get my pom-poms because I love cheering on other women and watching them grow. However, my cheering begins with me, so I can be stronger for others.

Peace & Love,