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Authenticity, Transparecy & Vulnerability OH MY! 


Words thrown around out there that we can buy. We cannot buy this. We have this in us if we chose not to fake it until….or live on other people’s terms!

Listen in on how you can really show yourself.

Pressing Pause & The Power of Pause!


I pressed pause, big time, for two weeks in my business and on social media! I did because life served me up an unexpected obstacle. 

What do you do with a fast paced very busy society that we live in when an unforeseen obstacle happens? 

Listen in as I share what happened, and how I came out of pause, very gently. 

You Are & I AM!

Two simple words that shifted me.

Words I was not seeking for but instead words I recived that I truly needed to help me see and feel myself in a bigger and compassionate way.

Are You Part of the Problem OR Solution? 

How do you become part of the solution for yourself instead of the problem for the mindset does not knock you off your course?  

The Inner Critic AKA The Hag in the Attic or Bitch in the Basement!

Yes you can change her to your ally!

I am so MAD that SADNESS hits me.

All these emotions and sensations.

You Do NOT NEED Permission Granted to live or to be YOU!

Do You, Be You, everyone else is taken.

Humanness and what it all means.

I believe we are overlooking the miraculous of being a  human. Join me as I Riff about Humanness.

First Time Experiences and Emotions

This second episode is a bit similar to the first one as I talk a bit more about our First Time experiences and the emotions.

Speak Your Bold Truth

Welcome to my first episode of Speak Your Bold Truth! I talk about going through the emotions of experiencing first times, launching this podcast, writing a book, experiencing a world-wide pandemic. All the raw emotions and how to deal with them so they do not control you and take you down.





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