Who Do You Turn to in Times of Need?

Your friends, Colleagues, Partner or Faith?

Who do you turn to in times of need? In times of trouble? You know those times you are feeling sorry for yourself and want to complain, vent, cry and go down that “rabbit hole”. When you feel all alone, you know those days, so who do you turn to? Is it friends, colleagues, a partner or is it yourself, which gives the “Hag in the attic” clearance for a free for all party to pull you down faster! Or is it the stranger in the check-out line, or is it the person you broke a commitment with and they are holding you to it? This is isn’t about cutting that person off as you drive down the street. Who do you take all of this out on? PLEASE do not sit here and say “I don’t take it out on anyone, I retreat and pull back.” Well, I will tell you, when you do this it comes out in a silent way-energetically, dropping balls in some way or another.

We all have these difficult moments

Even days, weeks, and lifetimes. However, you have the tools and the choice to build yourself and catch yourself before you fall down that rabbit hole. What would you say if I told you that I have a tool that is free, and readily available at your fingertips? A tool that can help you deal with tears, joy sorrow, anger, yelling and screaming, fits of rage, lamenting and asking.

Are you ready to hear what this is? I mean really ready, from the bottom of your pedicured toes, from your whole heart and soul. Like sick and tired of being sick and tired, exhausted, done chasing your tail like a dog ready!

Prayer! That’s right, pray!

Find your system or routine, your way of praying. I believe this is a beautiful form of meditating, and conversation. It can be a formal prayer,  or just a conversation with God, (there is no right or wrong way of conversing, just do it) and find your system/routine that works for YOU!!! Step out of the perfection here, just the plain truth in your conversation. Speak from your heart, there is no other place!

Anyone who is having trouble should pray! ~James 5:13

We all have troubles, it is the God-given life we have in this human suit we wear temporarily. We have troubles in our marriages, with our finances, friendships, business, our jobs, our schools, roads, religion, and so on. Do not sweep under the carpet one more day. Do not pass go if this is resonating with you. This is so simple, free, right there all of the time. You do not have to purchase anything, or drive to a destination, or wait for a sunny day, it just is, right there like your breath

Are you stuck with where to begin? Start with “Thank you for today…” A Peace of Gratitude.

Did you know that Peace is a form of blessing? Today and every day I send You Peace.