Three Frugal things that I implement all the time!

I love to save money on my cleaning product for around the home. They are such necessities but can cost a lot for a bunch of chemicals. So here are my 3 must have products in the home that save me dollars and TIME!

  1. Baking Soda!. You can do so much with this amazing product. Here in the states, we have dollar stores so I can get 3 boxes of baking soda for one dollar $1 BARGAIN!!! And this is what I use it for:
    1. I place some in a mason jar and punch holes in the lid; I sprinkle on rugs, dog bed and my mattress, let sit for 30 minutes and then vacuum. This helps with removing orders, moisture, and dirt mold and dust mites.
    2. I clean my sinks. It is a great scrub and gentle.
    3. I place a bowl in my refrigerator to absorb smells.
    4. I use as a skin exfoliate on my feet in the winter time.
    5. There are much more uses for this amazing product for cleaning and deodorizing!
  2. Vinegar! Cannot live without this. I buy the jumbo size at Costco.
    1. I mix with water in a spray bottle to clean glass and mirrors
    2. I run vinegar through:
      1. My coffee maker every 3 months to clean it
      2. Dishwasher to remove build up
    3. Add it to laundry if clothes are smelling a bit musty
    4. And there are a lot more uses for this product!
  3. Epson Salt! I always have this in my home as well
    1. I soak in a tub:
      1. with this and baking soda when I feel a cold coming on
      2. I soak when there is a lot of stress
  • I take Epson salt and some oil (olive oil) add some lavender essential oil drops and it makes a great detox shower scrub
  1. Epson salt is great outdoors on your grass and in your gardens
  2. Soaking for sore muscles or a bad sprain and even muscle cramps
  3. Of course, there are a lot more benefits.

You can google more benefits to these three products. They are amazing, save money and time of running out to the store to buy another product for another thing that you may need. Use what you have in the home and get creative!