The Power of Prayer

Tuesday morning—May 23rd — the morning after the horrific event at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.  Now listen, I am not here to report this news, and by the time this is published, it will be a few days old. What I am here for is faith, questions in hope to bring your thoughts, feeling, and actions to a higher vibration. The Power of Prayer.

There is so much hate in this world, so much entitlement, and righteousness. Major oppression, division and a whole lot of dis-ease. So today all over media, the words are spoken: “Let’s pray for Manchester.” The culprit has been confirmed as a suicide bomber, a terrorist act among many innocent teens and young kids out for an evening. I do not understand. Yes, let’s Pray for these people, all involved!

Why am I blogging about this today you ask?

Well, a lot is going on here. Pray for Manchester? YES!!! We need to pray EVERY SINGLE DAY! Not just when something horrible happens, but every day!

Yes, we need to get on with our lives, yes we need to pause to send prayers to these people and their loved ones. Yes, we need to become more aware of that we, human beings create all of this:

Hate, guns, religion and a fast-paced life mean we do not have to feel anything inside of us! Pray for Manchester? How about pray every day for yourself and all other human beings. I am truly sick over the parents losing their children, and children losing parents. YES pray for these families, send love, for they are in pain and suffering loss, however, let’s pray for all, every day!

Do I sound woo-woo?

LOL well, maybe, but how we are surviving (not thriving) isn’t working. Seriously, folks, this is just a tip of the iceberg.

We become pissed off in traffic, pissed off because our boss is a jerk, pissed off because we have to go to work. We are so pissed off all the time that it only leads to more hate. We judge, demean, belittle, all because we think that the other person is wrong, different, horrible and so much more.

STOP! We are all miraculous. Think about it. Think about how human beings are created. It’s miraculous! We are the most powerful beings on Earth, and we hate, judge and destroy—all for evil! The more we sow this, the more evil we reap. As our hate grows, love disappears!

The man has created and dominated all we have today. Think about all the amazing tech we’ve designed. How amazing is this? But we bastardize all that man has created. We bastardize medicine, religion and so much more. We do need all of this, we have evolved here amazingly so, but how do we keep our egos from going down the wrong avenue?

Let’s begin by not just praying in a time of pain, disaster and need, better known as lack and desperation. Pray every day. There is no right or wrong way to pray. Wait, I take that back, yes there is. To turn to God in a time of despair would be wrong, turn to Him every single day. He wants that. He craves that, He is our Father and wants to make things right for us. He desires us to have the life He has created for us, not the life we think we should have. This is where the trouble begins.

I ask you…

Why wait until despair, tragedy and or even death strikes to turn to God? God is our CEO, and He is there for EVERYTHING in our lives. He masterminds all. He is there but not on a part-time basis. He yearns for us to show up daily.

Will you wait, dismiss and just keep being busy and doing? Will you continue to say God doesn’t work miracles for you OR will you take this moment now to step into awareness, and talk with Him? It is easy, and it doesn’t take money or travel. You do not even have to be dressed and looking a certain way. Just converse with Him. Introduce yourself, LOL. He already knows you, but it is a great place to start.

I send prayer, love, and peace to everyone in England. Especially to the families that are dealing with a loss. Their lives will never be the same, along with our world. And this breaks my heart.