Show up STRONG.

100% committed to you and your word without all the personal baggage. Can you?

I say this a lot. But what does this mean?

I believe in showing up even if I have dropped a few balls (commitments and such). I believe in showing up even if I don’t feel like it. I believe in showing up with joy or with tears because I’m not perfect! Nobody is.  I believe in showing up because you never know whom you will inspire or who will inspire you.

A son of my husband’s friend was getting married, and we attended the wedding. How exciting, their oldest and the first of their two boys getting married. A new beginning for two young kids. A family celebrating, a union of two coming together as one, and curiosity of a future to unfold before them.

Well, all that is fine and dandy until I had to get ready for the event. I live in comfort: yoga pants, sweaters, tennis shoes and such. COMFORT. So getting dressed up isn’t my favorite thing to do, especially when it is cold out.

The whole process was painful: dress, hair makeup and such, but especially when my Hag in the Attic comes out. I don’t want to go, this is too much work getting all dressed up. Oh, how I hate all of this.

Really, I get all worked up, but I wouldn’t not go. I committed, and quite frankly, it wasn’t about me.

This is really about two families coming together. One’s son and one’s daughter uniting in love. Not about my pain in the ass issues around getting all dressed up.

Everything in life is so much more than just us. Events, plans, the future; it is always bigger than we can see. However, faith isn’t about seeing, it is about feeling and letting go.

The ceremony was so beautiful with a lot of love, joy, and laughter in the room. God was present, and I am always a sucker for a wedding. To watch the parents be so proud of their kids, to watch the kids exchange their vows for their life together. It is always more than just about us.

So after I did my huff and puff act (so childish), I was able to settle down and go enjoy the wedding.

Like I said, I wouldn’t stay home and miss the magic. It is all about showing up, no matter what. Removing the personal baggage and be open to what lies ahead.

Peace & Love,