Kim is passionate about helping women communicate with confidence and unlocking their Bold Voice on any stage of their life.

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Hag in the Attic

Intentional Interaction

Being Heard 


Kim Bourdreau Smith is a direct and high-energy speaker passionate about helping women find their Bold Voices.

Be bold, be heard, and be seen on any platform. Kim will help you speak up and out with confidence so you can stand out in a crowded room.

Kim’s proactive strategies and interactive seminars will help you overcome your personal HAG in the Attic. Silence your inner critic and start using Your Bold Voice.

Kim will help you communicate effectively on any stage of your life. It’s your time to shine and make an impact!

An international best-selling author, publishing expert, and media maven, Kim has helped countless women be seen and be heard in a world that wants to drown their voices out.

Book Kim for a dynamic and effective seminar designed to empower professional women to use Your Bold Voice on any stage of life.


Her Bold Voice Speaks is an interactive public speaking training program that is designed to help women gain visibility and confidence on every stage of her life! 

Her Bold Voice Speaks offers supportive group coaching so women thrive in their business, careers, and life.

Enhance your confidence, gain freedom from, and stop leaving opportunities on the table!

Join Kim for her empowering, experiential program made just for women at the SheHive in Ferndale, Michigan.

Work with other women in a safe, supportive, and fun environment with real time refinements. Come as you are and feel your confidence soar with fellow women empowering and supporting each other.

Twice a month participate in skill building classes and then practicing those skills in a safe supportive woman-only environment. No shelving your newly mastered skills for a “someday” event, you get to practice what you learn every session so it stays fresh and powerful!

Do you want to learn how to take the self-doubt out of public speaking? Do you feel run over by stronger voices in the room? Are you leaving opportunities on the table because you do not want to speak? NO MORE!

Introduction To Speaking Course

July 7th – Aug 11th @ 1:00PM

Level Up - Beyond the Basic of Speaking

July 9th – Aug 13th @ 1:00PM

The Keynote Preparation Course

July 1st for 6 months | meeting twice a month

This program offers interactive, experiential, and effective training so that you can successfully:

  • Hone your message and your story. Laser focus Your Bold Voice and your brand!
  • Kick that HAG out of your mind! Your inner critic has been holding you back with trivial noise for too long.
  • Rock your expertise and talents! Boldly and confidently deliver talks, presentations, and elevator pitches no matter who your audience is.
  • Use Your Bold Voice to be influential and impactful in Onstage Speaking, Networking, One to One conversations, and Presenting.

You’ll become a part of a pretty awesome community of bold, empowered women who are confident and focused. Build your network and gain skills in a safe, women centric bad-A environment.

The course is offered twice monthly at the SheHive in Ferndale, Michigan. Our program is an on-going series with a multi-month commitment.


Want Kim’s energy, passion, and support all to yourself? She’s available for one-to-one coaching to help you achieve goals in personalized, laser focused programs.

Work with Kim personally for a short, impactful boost to get you unstuck or work with her for long-term skill and business development.

Kim is a Mindshift coach that will help you confidently break away from the herd and take action! Stop getting caught in the Paralysis of Analysis and start making moves towards success.


Kim meets you where you are at and develops a quick, actionable plan to get you where you need to be. Cut the fat and focus on the skills and tools you need right now to move the needle forward.

Examples of accelerated personal coaching Kim offers:

  • Elevator pitch mastery. Put all your expertise, vision, brand, and talent into a short impactful statement that gets results.
  • Pitching sales and closing the deal. Ask for that business confidently and start getting paid what you deserve!
  • TedTalks – Be bold, confident, and influential on one of the world’s biggest stages.


“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one” – Meredith Hill

Put in the work with Kim to discover your inner why and who exactly it is you’re serving. If you don’t know who you are or what you are doing, how will anyone else?

It’s time to get defined, clear, and focused on success on your terms. That’s right – this isn’t a fast pass to CEO or business mogul, unless that’s what YOU want.

Kim will help you discover what is at the heart of your business and your goals, get real on what you want, and help you get it! Become more visible in a crowded environment!

Together you will take a deep dive and develop a personal actionable coaching program that will help you:

  • Define your message, your brand, and your audience. Figure out what you are doing so you can boldly and confidently put it out there!
  • Learn to speak to your audience and not the general population. Deliver powerful, impactful messages that move your audience to action and results.
  • Confidently break away from the herd, take the lead, and leverage your expertise to stand out in any crowd.
  • Increase your sales – yah, make some money! Get clear and bold about how you are helping people and they will happily pay you.


Be on the lookout for the dynamic workshops Kim hosts throughout the year! Join her for an afternoon of high energy, interactive learning that gives you skills you can put into action right away.

If you just can’t wait, Kim takes these workshops on the road and brings them to you. Choose one of her popular workshops or work with Kim to personalize a workshop for your business needs.

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Popular Workshops Include:

Present Like A Pro

Get clear, get organized, and get influential with this workshop on professional speaking. Leverage your expertise and get taken seriously without putting the crowd to sleep.

HAG in The Attic

Silence your inner critic and learn to recognize her attacks before they bog you down. Confidently share Your Bold Voice on any stage of your life and stop holding yourself back.

Power of Ask

Never leave an opportunity on the table again! This workshop empowers women to stop asking for permission and start asking for the business.

I enrolled in the “Her Bold Voice” to improve my confidence when presenting in front of peers and leadership. Kim’s coaching class goes beyond the basics of public speaking. The class is an experience of mindset shifting, becoming your best self, incorporating simple concepts to help any type of conversation or presentation and plugging into a tribe of like-minded women who help drive your goals.

– Mary C.

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