Raw, Real and Very Much THE HAG!

Some of you know that I refer to our mindset as the ‘Hag in the Attic’, that nasty stuff that the voice says to keep us small and hold us back. You know, that judgment, that disgusting crap she dishes out. Well in my case my Hag is holding me back with a shit load of procrastination.

Before I continue on here, I want to state that there is very little editing in the post. I am keeping raw and real! Oh yes, that would be LIFE! So if you hold any judgment around reading this, move on, please unfriend me or whatever you need to do, but I do not want any judgment here at all. And by the way, your life isn’t perfect, so knock off the judging. Just saying!

I hold fear

And with fear I procrastinate. Yes, Sheila Kennedy reminds me that what we seek and struggle with is what we teach. Damn it, this is so silly, really!

I can consult

Guide, lead and intuitively see a woman through her challenges of business. I can hold people accountable, time managed and teach them how to manage that damn Hag! But for some reason, I’m struggling. (So damn silly)

I even feel embarrassed to share what is festering here! Seriously!  (Yes, indeed, this is the Hag.)

My accountability partner, Elise Cohen Ho, also a co-author in one of the Bold is Beautiful Books, said do just this. Write what’s going here. (So I am) Sheila Kennedy said, just do this, too much time on Kim’s hands creates all sorts of little hagglets. (My words paraphrasing Sheila)

The unknowing of all behind this is driving me crazy, so I’m jumping in! Here is what I need to do:

Oh wait, this is all about launching another blog. (I know so frigging silly, isn’t it?) But this blog is so out of what I am used to; business! This blog is so near and dear to my heart, a complete no-brainer. In fact, the truth here is I have been sitting on this for 3 months now. Oh and let me tell you while typing this I’m hearing the Hag say, “Are you serious? Well, no one will take you seriously! Helloooo Miss CEO, really? Bwahhaaaaaa! Get real!!!” Any of this sound familiar? Anything here is ringing true for YOU and YOUR HAG? Let me tell you how all of this is playing on my health! I felt it in my stomach, my head, and my bitchy, yes bitchy attitude. And I am real clear that I’m sure I’m sounding like a negative repetitive nill! Wait, I am sounding like my Hag! Shit! There it is!

Distractions kick in! (Oh no-RUN!!!)

NOOOOOOO! Yep, that’s another thing, I’m a gnat fleeing around when I procrastinate. As it is, I already stopped midway here to go check a few things, an email, and social media! I have the world’s most stubborn Hag EVER! She is a tough cookie and I HAVE ALLOWED HER TO BE!!! So I just turned everything off, and I am tending or shall I say I am minding my own business.

A commitment that was made earlier this year; I agreed to sloooooooooow down, so I could listen, be and listen more. Well, I feel I have become so lazy, which brings opportunity to the attic door! If there is a slight opening, she will grab and seize the moment! And SHE IS!!!

Okay, I know this all seems silly and crazy, but it is real! So totally real, this is life. We never ever have it totally together, we need a stronger faith to turn ourselves to, Universe or God, whichever. And I did just that. I also set up 1 major thing to accomplish today, and this is it.

I am coming clean: I am moving forward with this other blog, it will launch in September and have all of its own social media! I am going to build this baby from the ground up and show everyone it can be done no matter what is going on, no matter how old we are! Marsha Lane Foster, thank you for reminding me of how old I am! (LOLOLOL just kidding)

And so I dive in

The cat is out of the hat! I wrote and I have spoken. I accept this, a lot of work, but more importantly I accept me, messy, dealing with the Hag, looking silly or not, but being the CEO of my life and my decisions!

A few of my favorite words:

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.
Something that you say which means that people cannot hurt you with bad things they say or write about you.

This can only be done through the Hag. Your words to yourself can only hurt, hold you back, keep you small, and we are not supposed to be living like this! NO way, nada, nope!!!




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