What a Nasty Four-Letter Word.

Run and hide! Unfriend that person that uses this nasty four letter on a regular basis. They use it so much on social media, when you are out in public, it rolls off their tongue…BUSY!

Gotcha! You thought I meant something else, didn’t you? B-U-S-Y! Yep busy, that nasty four letter word.

The word that comes out when you ask someone, “How are you?” and they reply, “I’m sooo busy!” First of all, yawn! I’m so bored of hearing this, and secondly, aren’t we all busy? I really do not know how to reply when people say that.


Is this really another ‘thing’ we attach our worth too? So if you aren’t busy, then what? People seem to think that if you’re not busy, you must be lazy? This is not true, at all. This is your Hag in the attic screaming at you. Your success and worth are not measured by your ‘busyness.’ How can we be so busy when we have technology that can organize every second of our lives?

How busy are we really, when we can take the time to update our Facebook pages with pictures from our mall visits and manicures. Take a look at what exactly is making you so busy. Map out your time of how many busy things you are wrapped in.

Busy versus Productive

Have you ever been so busy that you get to the end of your day, exhausted, but feeling as if you haven’t accomplished anything? How do you move from being busy to productive? And what is the difference?

Here is my take:

Activity keeps you busy; it keeps you moving and disconnects you from your soul. We are a society of constant movement; even when we sit still, we are still busy on our phones. We need to be constantly active to believe we are worthy. Let me tell you; your Hag is choking you! Worthiness has nothing to do with being busy! You need to get over this idea.

Productive: that’s something I’d love to hear when I ask someone how they are. Then I can ask them how they’re being productive. Busyness breeds control over you and allows your Hag to dominate. When you are productive, it is you who is driving the bus, that’s the difference.

We need to get a hold of ourselves and choose when to say yes and when to say no. Look at your overall objectives for the month and break them down into bite size pieces. Stay focused and do not let anything else into your schedule. This will allow you to elbow room for some spontaneity and unforeseen obstacles.

Moving forward:

  1. Change your language from busy to___________ (you choose).
  2. Plan out your month and take it down to bite size pieces, then prioritize.
    1. If your days are packed, and I mean packed, what happens when you get a flat tire, or a client needs something or your kid is sick, or your aging parents want help… need I say more? You need down time for self-care and unforeseen obstacles.



Let it all go and really take a look at how important your busyness is. So many people bitch and moan about being so busy, but if they stood back for one moment, they’d see that they put themselves in that situation.

I went to a conference recently and made some beautiful connections. Guess what? Most of those people are too ‘busy’ to connect! BWAHAHA! It takes a couple of seconds to reply to an email! Business card collecting hoe bags…

Life is precious; do you want to go down known as the person who was always ‘too busy?’ Do you want to wake up one day to the realization that your ‘busy’ life has left you nothing but regrets and false promises? Think about it…