I like that people think I am strong. I do believe I am strong; sometimes my strength becomes a disadvantage. I am stubborn, but I am learning how to negotiate it, not balance it.

I am learning to Let Go of Being Strong, All of the TIME!

I guess you would say I am a doer, a go-getter, a strong woman. I am passionate about my values and beliefs. I am very passionate about the success of others, even more so than them at times. I’m learning how to strengthen those boundaries and to meet people where they are at that point in time. More importantly, I’m learning how to strengthen my own self-care boundaries.

Being strong is amazing. You can land on your feet, so to speak, when anything comes your way. You can work through fears, conquer great accomplishments, and excel.

However, NEWS FLASH:  I don’t want to be strong all the time. I want collapse and cry and be told that everything will be OK. That my dogs will be safe, and things will get done. I have always felt, no matter what, that I had to be the strong one; the one to hold things together.

I DON’T WANT TO BE THE STRONG ONE, at least not today.

Moving forward here is what I must do:

Self-care, one more time. Self-care.

I will be practicing self-forgiveness instead of putting myself down when things don’t go right. I will write and let myself off the hook and forgive. We need to learn to forgive ourselves before we can forgive others. I am beginning the letting go of being strong all the time.

I will pray more and have more conversations with God. I will let Him carry the burdens, so I can rest, rejuvenate, heal and become stronger.

Let go of being strong.

Letting go of my strength is a continuous process. I will take time in nature, it is my favorite place to be. This isn’t just about walking the dogs, it is being with me in nature. I will breathe deep breaths.

Let go of being strong.

I will allow myself to cry, even if I am talking with a friend, or driving down the street. I will allow myself to be still and feel Him moving through me.

Let go of being strong.

Most importantly, I will not lose my voice. I will speak my truth, calmly, passionately with f-bombs and every other curse word I feel is appropriate.

Let go of being strong.

My story, my message is the change this world desperately needs to heal.

If you find any judgement around this post, I invite you to lean into the message. Your personal healing is never ever complete.

Let go of being strong.

None of us are broken; none of us are perfect. We are all miraculous being that come with pain and joy. There are lessons to be learned and lessons to grow from. We are perfectly imperfect.

Let go of being strong, ALL OF THE TIME!