We all have little insecurities.

Can you admit to having insecurities? I know I can!

When we are stepping out of the comfort zone, all sorts of insecurities show up, and the Hag is leading the parade.

I live in a state where we cover up in the winter months, so when summer comes guess what insecurities show up? You got it! Wearing fewer clothes and especially a bathing suit. Can you relate? It doesn’t matter what shape, size, gender, or color you are!


Entering a room full of strangers, trust me insecurities show up, even though there are new possibilities awaiting us, Insecurities still appear!

Do you know it is human to experience insecurities? Fear? Pain? And it is normal to experience joy, pleasure, and the amazing feeling of empowering one’s self to work through all of this.

Insecurities are part of a pack of emotions that brew inside of us.

I personally believe anger leads it all, and then fear, insecurities, self-esteem, confidence, and worth go flying out the door. Oops, I forgot, self-doubt as well. These emotions I listed here do not arrive in any old fashion order, they just are there, and yes, we have all of these in common as well!

Here is one thing I stand strong and tall on is this: “We have zero good of bad emotions!” That’s right I said it…our emotions are just our emotions. NO right, wrong, good or bad, just emotions AND we all have that in common too. It is just choosing how you want to manage these emotions.

We continue to live in a world of ignorance and division-oppression, greed, hate, judgment, racism, and prejudice towards others. Well, I must say, this all begins at home. Picture this: Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, clicking those stunning ruby red slippers and chanting, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home,” right?  Well, home is where the heart is, it all begins in our hearts and when we have all of these emotions leading us to hate, evil and anger, take a look where that begins. WITH YOURSELF! No wonder we have insecurities…and more!

The pack of emotions

That we endure and own provides us choices of how to feel, how to either react or respond to our feelings inside of our bodies. We choose how to set ourselves up for the day. It is what we tell ourselves all day long. Try it! Tell yourself how tired you are and let’s see if you can get an upswing of energy to make it through your day, or drag yourself through like a wet blanket. YOUR CHOICE! NO ONE, YES NO ONE can make you or anyone else feel a certain way. I like to practice the Stop and Pop! Stop, and Pause so you can respond instead of reacting to any situation. There are times I take a few days before responding so I can manage my emotions and come from the heart. And, again, yes, we also all have this in common.

Feelings, we all have this in common! You be you and let Me be me! All in Love and with a smile on our faces! And please stay CURIOUS!

Rock on!