I Feel I Have Nothing, for I have Everything!

Look no further, because Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz clicks her ruby red slippers and says:  “There is no place like home!”  And Home is where the heart is!

LACK, LACK, LACK, everywhere. Oh my goodness! We live in such abundance, and yet it seems to be never enough. We achieve goals and immediately want more instead of enjoying the accomplishment. We upgrade to new phones and cannot wait for the next latest and greatest phone that’s due to come out. I love living in America; we have so much, huge proportions with food (obesity and more at its finest-oh and waste too). We have every gadget known to humanity and just wait-poof there is another new gadget! Yes, that fast. However, we feel we have nothing at times. What is up with that?

Well here is my opinion, and by the way, I too have felt like this.

I feel with all of the abundance we have keeps us busy-not productive. It keeps us further away from our home and ourselves. Think of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz with her ruby red slippers…click, click, click there is no place like home. Home is where the heart is. Read that again. There is no place like home. Home is where the heart is! YES! When we feel like we have nothing, I feel we are not aligned with ourselves so we seek for more-materialistically, outside of ourselves. Now please do not get me wrong here, I love my material things. I used to live for them, go shopping for a quick happy fix (oh man, the debt!). I exercised like a maniac (yes, up to 3-4 hours a day). I chased a missing piece in myself and tried to fulfill it with ‘things.’ It doesn’t work, I eventually crashed. When we chase something, we receive more of it. I have watched people chase money to go further into debt and have a poverty mindset. I was chasing happiness because something lacked inside of me and I became unhappier to the point of falling asleep at a red light. Imagine that, all while I was searching for happiness.

Our joy, happiness, faith and so much more is right there inside of us. We are so miraculous however we dismiss with all the wrong things chasing and running. Being “BUSY” http://bit.ly/2u4JNNb (My nasty four letter word post!)

Next time you feel like this…

Slow down and take the time to be filled with gratitude, look around at all of your blessings. We have so many. Slow down and enjoy the moment and do something out of the ordinary, read a book, write a letter, play with your kids or animals. This is so grounding. It removes us from hardcore fast paced society that we are living in, and remember just because there is so much to be had, doesn’t mean you need, yes I said NEED it all. Check in with yourself and feel the desire, get into your knowing of what is it that you really are craving? Frustrated with? Feeling on edge? These are all feelings but something is calling you and what will that be?