Find Your Bold Voice and Grow Your Visibility Through Speaking

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Are you a coach, consultant, or service-driven entrepreneur who wants to grow your visibility, leads, and client base through speaking?


Are you a rising or seasoned business professional who wants to go from a subject-matter expert to a trusted thought leader?


If you answered YES to either of these questions, you may be the perfect woman for “Her Bold Voice Speaks” Coaching.


Any chance you have expereinced the whole, “Who am I to think…”

  • I have the confidence to even be more visible?
  • I have enough experience to command more money?
  • My ideas are unique or stage-worthy?
  • I have enough time for a new endeavor anyway?
  • I could actually make money from doing any of this?

Sound familiar? Here’s what you need to know…

You’re not alone! It’s COMPLETELY NORMAL to have these thoughts and experience a mix of excitement alongside self-doubt, and even absolute terror. That’s part of the growth experience, my friend. And that’s precisely where I come in!

Let’s flip the script, shall we? What would it mean for you (and your business or career) if you could…

  • Talk about your work in a way that gets people excited?
  • Consistently book online and in-person speaking opportunities?
  • Deliver your ideas with confidence and conviction?
  • Grow your business or advance your career through speaking?
  • Make more money, honey!?

In “Her Bold Voice,” I work with a select group of entrepreneurs and leaders to create the confidence, speaking material, and stage (and video) presence to get booked to speak for virtual and in-person speaking engagements. 

Here’s the best part: We do this 1-on-1 so you get to have me all to yourself!

While each “Her Bold Voice” experience is customized around the specific needs of each person, we typically embark on the following journey.

Phase 1: Banish Your “Hag in the Attic” (a.k.a Find Your Confident Voice)

We kick things off by identifying and clearing any limiting beliefs that are getting in your way of speaking success. 

Discover how to turn your self-doubt into your speaking superpower as you get clear on your why for speaking, your ideal audiences, and the big idea at the center of your work. 

In between our live sessions together, I’ll give you exercises you can practice to increase your speaking confidence, move forward and accomplish your career/business goals faster, and get ready for the visibility we both know you are ready for. I got you!

Phase 1 encompasses four 60-minute, 1-on-1 virtual coaching sessions.

Phase 2: Create, Create, Create (a.ka. Create Your Signature Presentation & Pitch Materials)

Next up, I’ll help you create a signature presentation that you can deliver on-camera or in-person. 

I’ll help you design the structure of your presentation so that it resonates with your ideal audiences, choose stories that connect and convert, and integrate the right mix of evidence, examples, and powerful questions. 

If you wish, I’ll also help you craft a strong personal introduction so you make a great first impression and people you meet know exactly who you are, what you stand for, and what you/your company does.

If you are looking to pitch yourself for speaking gigs, I’ll also help you create your speaker marketing materials. w00t!

Phase 2 encompasses four 60-minute, 1-on-1 virtual coaching sessions.

Phase 3: Polish & Pitch, Baby! (a.k.a Polish Your Speaking Deliverables & Start Pitching Yourself to Speak. Yes, For Real!)

In the final phase of our work together, I’ll empower you to be a dynamite presenter—on camera and on stage. 

Together we’ll find your most powerful body language, delivery style, and I’ll help you get comfortable making eye contact and ensure you have the right cadence from the first moment you start to speak. 

You’ll practice delivering your signature speech so that you can’t wait to deliver it, and I’ll be in your corner as you start sending speaking pitches and get booked to speak. You got this!

Phase 3 encompasses four 60-minute, 1-on-1 virtual coaching sessions.

Praise for Kim Boudreau Smith and Her Coaching

“I became a successful Life and Relationship Coach, and life was moving in so many amazing directions…including lots of public speaking. I found I was still carrying fear and anxiety every single time I got up to speak. I had heard such wonderful things about Kim and Her Bold Voice. I decided to join, and it was one of the best decisions I have made for myself professionally. Kim absolutely changed my life. I learned tools, skills, and experienced camaraderie I will never forget. She creates a completely safe space to practice the most feared human action…public speaking! I will never forget the skills I learned. If you have any challenges with finding your voice or public speaking…TAKE THIS PROGRAM.”

Robin Breckenridge

“I had been searching for a coach to work with to help me improve my speaking skills and build my confidence.  I finally found the perfect match in Kim Boudreau Smith.  Her positive energy, ability to listen well, and the way she leads made me want to work with her.  In just a short time, I have learned so much about myself.  Kim gives open, honest, but gentle feedback and is helping me release the inhibitions that have been holding me back from fully expressing myself in my business and personal life.  Her coaching techniques are the fuel I need to become the confident speaker I’ve always wanted to be.”

Renee Ferguson

“[After working with Kim]” I’m a more confident and bolder version of myself. I am now able to walk into any space and speak about my business, my story, and my position in life with the confidence, passion, and boldness. I started [my work with Kim] unsure of how to move my business to the next level. Due to that I left many opportunities on the table. I left connecting and networking opportunities empty handed because I was afraid of my own voice (I was afraid I did not belong). I literally left opportunities outside of an elevator door. Never again will I not get on the elevator.”



Here’s What Happens Next 

Hit that red button just below this section in order to apply.

After reviewing your application, we’ll just have a chat to talk more about what to expect and get a clearer vision of the ‘big idea’ that you’d like to speak on, your ideal audiences, and your message.

If we agree it’s a good match we’ll confirm your enrollment!

Then, all you’ve gotta do is show up, do the work, and watch your speaking dreams become reality.

Which Best Describes You?

“As an entrepreneur who owns a growing real estate business, my confidence should be high. Unfortunately, I was battling with ways to express myself, and it was holding me back. I knew I needed some help, so when I was referred to Kim by a friend, I was intrigued to see if it would help me. Since joining Kim’s Her Bold Voice program, my confidence and public speaking have improved immensely. Kim has a positive attitude and is full of encouragement. She has created a safe space for women to connect and grow.”

Fiona Byrne-Ryan