We have so much to be thankful for, yet so many overlook this, and I can be one of those people!

There is an art of giving gratitude and a real art of receiving. I believe we must desire a strong connection with The Universe to really experience this art.

Gratitude is a pretty tall order and a big word. Think about it, gratitude, grateful, thank you and so much more ways to say and feel all of this, but what does it really mean?

I hear of a lot of people keeping gratitude journals, yet I see them take themselves down a rabbit hole of getting beaten down and having a lack of appreciativeness, better known as the Hag in the Attic controlling and dominating that damn headspace. Yep, no room for the heart to pump!

When I am out of gratitude, I am walking in lack. You know the cliché: glass half-full, well mine is parched, dried to the bone when I remove the gratitude outfit.

I am a seeker of the most comfortable yoga pants and trust me, I have many, and they have become my wardrobe. I want to wear gratitude like this along with love, faith, hope, and trust. I desire my spiritual growth to go from lower case s to an upper case S; Spirituality! Just like my amazing yoga pants. Yes indeed.

I have experienced giving gratitude, journaling about gratitude, and even have been taught polite manners to say “thank you”. However, let’s get down to the real gratitude. RECEIVING! Yes receiving gratitude. Being able to receive, not repel like bug spray, and open your heart to full-blown gratitude!

When gratitude isn’t present, I judge, anxiety kicks in, and I miss the whole picture of my gift. My gift from others and from myself. Then the traveling begins… down the negative rabbit hole and miss the beautiful side of others and myself. Chop right off the good ole chopping block. No receiving and a lot of baggage weighing me down. Can you relate?

I believe we cannot receive gratitude without love. (My beliefs here)

Several years ago I fell asleep at a red light a major intersection during the day. No, I wasn’t tired, but I fell asleep. No, I didn’t hurt anyone either, thank God. I totally was in lack mode: ungrateful, bitchy, and I definitely didn’t love much of anything. This moment, this particular incident woke me up to the realization something needed to change and quick. And yes, I said something needed to change, and that something was me and my mindset. I longed to be in my heart.

The next morning I began my journey to healing me, and implementing gratitude since this didn’t require and heart and brain transplant, a trip to the mall, just plain ole simplicity of gratitude and this is all I had: I woke up, opened my eyes and said thank you for the drywall over my head. This is all I had in me at that moment for that day. I was parched and empty but it was a beginning to feel alive with just this gratitude. Baby steps.

A slow healing process, which I may say is still in process because I am still alive (healing never comes to an end, it isn’t a destination) gratitude, positive affirmations, writing/blogging and so much more has helped me. And trust me, I am not perfect. I just had an incident of losing grateful sites, I am just now stronger and have a village of support to bring me back aligned with my heart. I have my tools of life in place to assist.

It is a place where my judgment diminishes; faith becomes stronger, with love and a lot of calmness.

heart love

This feels like my favorite pair of yoga pants.