They’re such special animals that teach us so much! It only seems fitting that dog is God spelled backwards.

Let’s take a moment a talk about what characteristics dogs provide humans: they love unconditionally, they forgive and move on quite quickly; they wait for us to return; they have strong intuition when someone or something is wrong or bad and they warn us. They also let us know when something and or someone is great. (Wet kisses and or a wagging tail) They are there when we are sad and sick. They make us laugh and make us cry. Is any of this sounding familiar?

Where do your higher beliefs lie?

Mine are with God and God is all that a dog is, and more. After all, He did create and name him. I feel this is the closest form of God in the flesh; I love my dogs so much, however, I do get mad and frustrated. I lose patience and want things done on my time with them. LOL, it doesn’t work that way, with anything quite frankly. My dogs provide wisdom, they are there through great times and bad times, they love non-stop and remind me to have fun. Most importantly they teach me to surrender daily! To trust and have faith. They remind me to stay grounded and chose simplicity, minimal needs. They fulfill to the nth degree daily even when they don’t feel well. Sound like a tall order, well isn’t this what God provides? I can have the worse day and my dogs are there, full of love, God also does this. God stands by us even when we stray, so do our dogs.

 “Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

~ Anatole France

I agree with Anatole France, however, I love going one step further, until we believe and love a higher spirit, one’s soul remains unaware and unawakened.

I love my dogs, Grace, and Luna! They are my children, my life and they teach me so much daily.  We went through a rough time with Luna as a puppy, she contracted a rare disease, puppy strangles, https://www.vetary.com/dog/condition/puppy-strangles and I thought we were going to lose her. I turned to others for their healing prayers, and I as well did the same. Thankfully we pulled her through it all by the grace of God. Luna is doing fine, but I am not sure I could have made it through all of this with my belief in my higher power, God.

God/Dog, they have my heart!