Each day I become more aquatinted with ME! I learn something more about myself every day. which leads me to stronger boundaries, a beautiful simplistic life, deeper wisdom, and accepting myself through trials and tribulations! I’m becoming bolder thorough my voice, but I’m doing it through love.

Becoming Bold

I used to say I don’t care what others think of me, but that isn’t wholeheartedly true. I do care, but not enough to take me down. Not enough to trip me up over a ball of emotions.

I am bold, direct and fierce, and today, I am learning to come from love. Well, I always come from love that’s deep in my heart. However, it doesn’t always sound like that. Therefore, my growth and lesson for today and moving forward is speaking directly but from love, a love language.

I believe as a society, as humans need to stop talking and do. We need to implement self-care, love languages, and set intentions instead of resolutions. We have to slow down and become more aware of what we are doing to ourselves. And yes, we need a higher power to help, lead, and guide us. One more factor here – we need people in our lives to be vessels and or messengers to be vocal in the higher powers delivery.


My baby, Luna had surgery, it was time to spay her and the last thing on that day wanted was having my little girl placed under anesthesia. I have tools to get myself in check around this. I surrendered and turned it over to Jesus. I placed trust in Him that he will care for His gift, the gift of Luna He has given me.

I was up all night with her; she was crying from coming off the anesthesia, so I only got an hour and a half of sleep. Here is one thing about me, I DO NOT DO WELL WITHOUT SLEEP! Period. I feel like I am getting sick when I lack sleep, plus I become very vulnerable. And the mental war begins…

The Hag in the Attic takes full fledge of this opportunity! The bitch that she is comes flying down the stairs.

I become angry with God and my self-care regime in the early hours turns into a middle east war. I get so angry I start accusing Him of being there for others and not me. (I know, crazy, isn’t it?) I read scriptures that talk about how He loves all and answers those who live and turn to Him. Oh yes, that really tripped me up.

I am not afraid to write this and get angry with Him, but here is what comes from this.

I don’t stay angry for long, and I know I need to move. Off I go, outside into freezing temps to walk my other girl, Grace.  Returning, I sit and enjoy my breakfast, and then I desire to move more. I clean out my closet, and do a bit of organizing in my office and then collapse into a great homemade dinner.

My Sweet Spot

Self-care is imperative NO MATTER WHAT! It helps to remove anger, so you do not fall into resentment and deplete your personal peace. Overwhelm becomes absent, stress is reduced, and clarity is so present. This is the “sweet spot” of life! Forgiveness is present, compassion for YOURSELF tingles through your veins, and humbleness arrives. We slip, we fall, we get up, however, this time for me personally, I do this with Love. I am choosing to take the high road, compassion and it begins right here with ME.

The “sweet spot” of life.

One huge thing I have learned is I crave the sweet spot and personal peace in all the complexity of life. The good, indifferent, trials and tribulations, My “sweet spot” and personal peace”. No more, no less.

I bring forth for you, a gift of wisdom, experience, guidance, all through grace, hope and love.

Where do you to want to reside? If you need guidance, please reach out let’s have that amazing conversation. Lets choose that high road for YOU!

Self-care is LOVE!

Happy February!

Peace & Love,