Look at meeee… Hear me roar!

Do you struggle with self-care? I mean REAL self-care? Not the usual bath, massage, manicure/pedicure stuff. The real self-care, mentally, emotionally and spiritually-self care! All I read is continual self-care this and self-care that! We lack it every day and still continue to lack it even with all the self-care articles, tools, rituals and so on.  Now I am jumping in here: we have the selfies, live videos, Snapchats and numerous other ways record ourselves. I call this the look at meeee syndrome. Yet, at the end of the day, we still cannot take time for ourselves. This doesn’t make any sense. Enough people! Do we really need another coach or mentor to tell us we need self-care? Wow. This should be the simplest thing to do and here is why:

  1. We have every electronic device available to schedule, synchronize, color-code and do for us with alarms attached and we still cannot give ourselves time! WTH?
  2. Schedule! Yes schedule, we schedule everything else so friggin schedule for yourself!
  3. Try some spontaneity! A lot can come from this. Lose track of time, do something out of the ordinary. Try it…it is amazing!

I do not understand how we have so many options to keep us organized, to give us more freedom (not time, time is time) and yet we continue to struggle with self-care. Quite frankly we should be the most organized beings in the world with all our electronics! Instead, they distract us, which spins us, overwhelms us and stresses us out to the max and back. Therefore, we are continually and perpetually late, no-shows to commitments, walking dead-ass zombies and so on!

People, people, people!

You have zero problems showing up on Facebook with the look at meeee, I am here, I am there I am everywhere attitude, but the lack of self-care is still so predominant in our lives!

When we show up late or are a no-show on an appointment, you are not only hindering the other person, you sell yourself short, and branding yourself as an irresponsible being! Nice reputation. I love when people reach out, ask for help and cannot even follow through! Go away! It screams lack of respect, and is very inconsiderate, especially after I see them all over Facebook!

We have created a society that lacks responsibility. People think it’s okay not to show up because there is a screen involved and it’s usually followed by a sh*t load of excuses. Let me share one thing with you…..Are you ready? Have your pen and paper handy.

Okay, this isn’t a judgment, this is a hard cold fact. So drumroll please:


Struggling with your self-care! Yep indeed, because I have done this! This is where I became a sick and tired being. This is where I began an elimination process! I eliminated stuff. I eliminated old patterns and behaviors so that I could see clearly. I also surrendered to the re-wiring and re-tweaking my life! Just because everyone else is doing something doesn’t mean it will work for you! You have no idea what is going on behind their closed doors. (White picket fence syndrome!)

Remember, ask and you shall receive…

The Universe delivers in that blue Tiffany box! Be crystal-clear about what you are asking for. Are you asking for help, support or guidance? Ask, and then show up as your true self: tears, snots, smiles and more. The moment you begin to care what you look like to others, you will know you have a lot more work to do. Oh, and by the way, the work is never complete until we leave this human suit. And one more thing…

Self-Preservation is far more lasting than Self-Care! Just saying…