Courage or Comfort? Which one shall it be?

I enjoy reading books with impactful messages, and on the list (aside from my Life Application Bible) is Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness. I am a slow reader, with multiple tools that consist of a highlighter, Post-its and my newfound love of Crayola pencils. Books inspire my blog posts, conversations with others, and myself and quotes for social media. Most importantly, they bring me answers. A vessel of messages from God. When something in my life is going wrong, they help me to heal.

Have you ever read The Alchemist? I did; it was the first book that I read, closed and then immediately opened to begin reading again. I have never done that with any book before. It is a spiritual and personal growth book, but it the story was a golden nugget.

I have my moments where I cannot pick up another personal/professional growth book. I often find them too factual, dry and need those messages in a real life/story way.

Brene’s way of writing (her other books) are very data research driven, and I have found it difficult to receive the message, the golden nuggets I crave. This book is providing just that.

Being awake at 3 am this morning (yes 3 am, and boy did someone want me up) allowed me the space to read and write. Here is what really struck me this morning (really a lot of things did from the Bible and Brene’s book):

Integrity: you choose courage over comfort! You chose what is right over fun, fast and easy and you choose to practice your values rather than professing them.

Here is what really grounded me: “A lion doesn’t have to enter a room and say he is a lion, right?” Why is it we have to say we are spiritual or profess our integrity or anything else in our lives?

I truly believe when I place my head down at the end of the day, I have made my decisions from my heart with integrity, honesty, and commitment. In partnership with God and His Universe. I really do not need to explain that to anyone. I need to just “be!” Why can’t the rest of us not just be? There is so much talking and explaining going on. I am sure along this journey I have hurt others and pissed others off (unintentionally), but this is my life, my decisions – partnered with God.

I do not wake to conquer my day, to hurt, offend or be mean to someone, I don’t want this done to me, so I practice treating others well. Now I screw up. I own and admit this, for it doesn’t make me right. And that’s is where the courage comes in instead of staying comfortable and pleasing others. Worrying what others will think of me. And when I place this uncomfortable, ugly and outdated outfit on, I get sick, for I am out of integrity.

I have danced in arenas where others step out into an area of shame, blame and victimizing. I stayed there with them, getting sick and anxious, not being courageous, for fear of a lot of things. I no longer practice this. I chose what is right, instead of letting the other person walk all over me, profess how great they are and walk away.


I choose courage over comfort. I chose not to boast or brag about any of this on social media or anywhere else. I choose not to post about how many clients, how much money, or any of my successes anywhere. At the end of the day they are not mine, they are God’s!

I hope you purchase Brene’s book, and yes I did profess in this blog. However, I am trying to lead by example, support, curiosity, nonjudgement, and acceptance. So I place my heart here learning from Brene for true belonging and the courage to stand alone, with God.